Ancient Greek Language and Culture – Beginners



This evening course will run subject to sufficient numbers enrolling – there will be a limited number of places available. This course offers a comprehensive appraisal of the language of ancient Greece. It also explores some central features of Ancient Greek literature. In this course we aim to examine the cultural context surrounding classical Greek and its successors. In the first term, those who have knowledge of Greek grammar will be able to review it at a leisurely pace while people with little or no knowledge will have an opportunity to learn the basics of the Greek grammar. Aspects such as the origins of the language and the dialects will also be considered in the first term.

The second term will be devoted to a careful study of the Ancient Greek literary language through samplings of Greek authors, in both poetry and prose, ranging from the archaic to Hellenistic times. We will also consider the relevance of the past in the present and there will be time to explore some favourite topics more indepth through inclusive but leisurely class discussion.

Date, Time, and Place

Thursdays 6-7.30 p.m. This course will be taught online. Please check our website after 16 August for updates


This course comprises of one class per week over two terms commencing in September 2021 and recommencing in January 2022.

Course Fees

You must sign up for the full year to secure a place on this course. €250 for the course. The concession rate is €125.* * The concession rate is available to second and third level students and people whose primary source of income is a Social Welfare pension or payment, Jobseekers, Health Board or a government-sponsored employment scheme.


Please check our website after 16 August for updates on enrolment dates and term dates.

Applications in person and by post for 2021-22 courses are suspended.

You may apply online or by phone* as follows:

ONLINE: You may register and pay by credit/debit card online at AFTER enrolments open for each term. B

By telephone: Please text ‘APPLY FOR COURSE’ to 087 257 2015* and you will receive a call back. Please note that the phone will be very busy during the application period and staff continue to work from home so there may be a delay in replying to your call. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. * Text only phone.