Gender: History, Culture and Representation



"The story is no longer about the things that have happened to women and men and how they have reacted to them; instead it is about how the subjective and collective meanings of women and men as categories of identity have been constructed." (Joan Scott, Gender and the Politics of History, New York, 1988, p.6).

This lecture-only module examine the histories and representations of gender, seeking to understand how it is constructed by societies, institutions and individuals through the critical analysis of texts, works of art and public actions. Gender, its role, its construction and it historiography will be brought together by scholars across the school in an interdisciplinary module. The operation of gender ‘as a tool of analysis’ will be examined in histories of the body, sexuality, medicine, religion, politics, institutions and representations in a variety of texts and contexts which will show the inherent instability and elusive nature of many gendered identities. 

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Lectures will take place once per week, commencing in January 2025. The time and venue is yet to be confirmed.

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