Greek and Roman Mythology and Religion Part II



What is myth? How do myths deal with fundamental human concerns about who we are and the world we live in? What is the relationship between myth and religion? Why did the Greeks and Romans worship many gods, believe in oracles, or perform animal sacrifice? This lectureonly module is an introduction to the major myths and religions of the classical world using the full range of primary source material: literary, artistic and archaeological. It explores the functions of myth within society and the various theories of myth. The first half of the course will focus on themes such as the creation of myths in the wider context of Near Eastern mythology, the character of the Olympian gods, heroes and their monstrous opponents, divine-human relations, and the major mythic cycles of the Trojan war, and the Atreus and Theban sagas. The second half of the course will explore the nature of Greek and Roman religion in its social context. It considers key elements of ritual action: sacrifice, rites of passage, festivals, as well as the diverse ancient beliefs on death and the afterlife and the role of mystery religions. This lecture-only course will be illustrated.

Lecturer: Dr Suzanne O’Neill.

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This lecture-only module comprises of one lecture per week over one term commencing in January 2023.

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