Professional Ethical Legal Communication Issues informing NM Prescribing Clinical Pract- Micro-credential

12 weeks


The module will facilitate students to explore their role as prescribers and the factors that influence this role in context of their role, function and responsibilities as a nurse or midwife. Module LOs address the mandatory regulatory Requirements and Standards for registration as a Nurse/Midwife Prescriber with NMBI in relation to the Professional, Ethical, Legal and Communication Issues informing Nurse/ Midwife Prescribing and Clinical Practicum  

Course Details

Next Intake

September 2022

Course Coordinator

Dr Catherine McCabe

Course Director

Dr Mary Hughes

Closing Date

31st July 2022

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Admission Requirements

The potential applicants must be accredited Nurse/Midwife prescribers in other jurisdictions and require only this one module from the Prescribing Programme in order to register with the regulator the NMBI. They must not require the other 2 modules on that programme.

1. Submit your personal details on the application form
2. Log in to the portal with your (new) logon credentials
3. Upload documents as required by the School for the module including, also a copy of your Curriculum Vitae     

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