Why work with Trinity on micro-credentials?

Delivered by thought leaders in their fields and quality assured, Trinity micro-credentials are a flexible, learner and employer led innovation in continuing education.

Trinity micro-credentials offer employers a unique opportunity to work with Ireland's leading university to: 

  • Future proof your organisation for the ever-changing world of work.
  • Adopt cutting edge advances and achieve quality and value-for-money gain.
  • Attract and retain talent by offering high-quality professional development and lifelong learning.

A key strategic aim for Trinity is to enable more diverse and flexible learning and programme delivery. Trinity is committed to a strongly collaborative approach to working with employers in order to realise this goal. Focused on future skills needs, micro-credentials are industry relevant modules, delivered in a way that suits employers and learners alike. 

If you are interested in working with Trinity to upskill your staff or develop a micro-credential to meet a specific need in your sector we would love to hear from you. Email us at micro-credentials@tcd.ie or you can book a time to meet with our team.

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