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Doctor Kamila Kwasniewska is running a series of workshops based in Trinity College Botanic Gardens at Dartry, Dublin 6 (nearest Luas Station, Milltown) focusing on exploring the intrinsic connectedness to nature by using our senses in the mindful practice of forest bathing. Each workshop will also explore how nature brings meaning to our lives and will help to spark creativity. Course participants will learn to harness this creative spark by creating seasonal flower arrangements (Summer Ikebana, Floral Halloween Pumpkin, Winter Christmas Wreath and Spring Easter Centrepiece) to find beauty and meaning through artful expression. All floral materials are included in the workshop.

Kamila is a botanist, florist, certified forest bathing guide, and founder of Nature To Go. She aims to connect people with nature through five pathways: senses, emotion, beauty, meaning and compassion.

Date, Time, and Place

Autumn 2023, Winter 2023, and Spring 2024: Dates will be announced on Trinity's Botany Department website at:

Course Fees

The Autumn and Spring workshops cost €75 per person. The fee includes forest bathing, tea ceremony and floristry class.

The Winter workshop costs €90 and includes forest bathing, a winter tea ceremony and the creation of a Christmas wreath.

All floral materials are included in the fee.


Please apply through Trinity's Botany Department website at:

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Patricia N.

I did a forest bathing workshop with Kamila last week. She made our little group feel immediately welcome bringing us her own herbal tea and vegan treats! It was wonderful to take some time to reconnect with nature and with our own inner nature. In our chaotic fractured world, a day with Kamila brings peace and harmony. I’ll be back!