Tangent at Trinity - Masterclass in a Framework for Sustainable Workplace Wellbeing


It is well established that a healthy workforce is a happier one, with low levels of absenteeism and greater productivity. Never has this been more relevant than in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Employers across the public and private sector are developing ‘healthy workplace’ policies to support the health and well-being of their employees.

This masterclass will introduce an evidence based eight-step framework for designing, implementing, improving, and sustaining a workplace wellbeing programme. Many Irish organisations have an annual programme of ‘random acts of wellness’ in place, which cannot be measured and lead to no tangible benefits for employees or the organisation. This masterclass will highlight what constitutes an effective well-being programme and how a properly crafted programme can boost not only the health of your colleagues, but also your organisation’s bottom line.

What topics will you cover?

  • The current landscape of workplace wellbeing in Ireland and internationally;
  • The eight-steps to an effective and sustainable programme;
  • The role of leadership;
  • Where to start with your wellbeing programme.

On completion of the Masterclass a Certificate of Completion will be provided.

Who is this Masterclass for?

This Masterclass is designed for individuals interested in developing a wellness programme in their workplace. This includes but is not limited to professionals such as senior leaders, HR professionals, occupational health professionals, office, facilities and health and safety managers.

Who Teaches the Masterclass?

Brian Crooke: Founder of Workplace Wellbeing

Brian is a wellbeing educator, speaker and adviser, empowering Irish organisations to promote and sustain wellbeing within their workplaces. He is the founder of the Workplace Wellbeing Ireland community and is course lead for the Postgraduate Certificate in Workplace Wellness at Tangent, Trinity College Dublin. He is the host of the Work Well Podcast.

Time, Date, and Place

The masterclass is delivered over three hours in a live webinar. Attendees should have a computer with microphone and video capability, and are expected to participate in these interactive sessions.

Course Fees

For more information, contact the Tangent team at tangentcourses@tcd.ie


This masterclass is also delivered as part of our four-week Workplace Wellbeing programme.

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