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Led by four Schools, the Trinity pilot programme on micro-credentials will test the opportunities, challenges and impacts for the university in developing and delivering micro-credentials as a novel academic offering. Our Community of Practice will engage interested members of the Trinity community in debating the key questions for the pilot. Coordinated by the MC pilot team, on this page we will communicate pilot activity and create a platform for your questions and inputs. In addition, we will hold an annual Community of Practice event as a forum to discuss next and best practice for micro-credentials. All practitioner input and feedback is welcome and you can contact the MC team.

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Micro-credential development resources

Please visit the links below to learn more about micro-credential proposals, development, application process timelines and resources MC2 - As part of the Irish Universities Association Multi-Campus Micro-credential MC2 project Trinity College is already a forerunner in the provision of micro-credentials and will offer a valuable contribution to the national vision for MC’s. This project involves 7 Irish universities and links to the European policy development environment.

Meet the Trinity MC Team


Dr. Ruth Pritchard

Deirdre Harkin

Stephanie Reilly

Sinead Campbell


Programme Director

Project Manager

Senior Executive Officer



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