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Most will agree that a healthy work environment is a positive aspiration for any business. Establishing an environment that supports workplace wellbeing can be challenging. The key to achieving it lies in the alignment of wellbeing goals to the business needs and strategic ambition of the organisation. It is through this alignment that a strong and compelling business case for wellbeing can be made. The business case for wellbeing identifies, defines and details wellbeing goals and aligns them with organisational strategy to ensure sustainability.

This Masterclass examines how a comprehensive business case for wellbeing (one which aligns wellbeing goals with organisational objectives) is crucial to get your wellbeing initiatives established and supported. It will demonstrate the power and influence a robust business case can have in attaining support from senior management in an organisation. You will explore the need to continually strengthen leadership commitment to wellbeing, examine research including industry case studies and acquire practical tools and techniques that will enable you to build and retain leadership support for the wellbeing objectives in your organisation.

What topics will you cover?

  • The Business Case for wellbeing: Aligning your wellbeing vision with that of your organisation;
  • Techniques to establish and sustain committed and aligned leadership for your wellbeing initiatives;
  • Bridges and barriers to wellbeing in your organisation.

On completion of the Masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Reflect on how wellbeing goals can be aligned to strategy in your organisation;
  • Build a credible business case for sustainable wellbeing in your organisation;
  • Apply tools and strategies to help establish and build leadership support for your wellbeing objectives.

On completion of the Masterclass a Certificate of Completion will be provided.

Who is this Masterclass for?

This Masterclass is designed for individuals interested in developing a wellness programme in their workplace. This includes but is not limited to professionals such as senior leaders, HR professionals, occupational health professionals, office, facilities and health and safety managers.

Who Teaches the Masterclass?

Brian Crooke: Founder of Workplace Wellbeing

Brian is a wellbeing educator, speaker and adviser, empowering Irish organisations to promote and sustain wellbeing within their workplaces. He is the founder of the Workplace Wellbeing Ireland community and is course lead for the Postgraduate Certificate in Workplace Wellness at Tangent, Trinity College Dublin. He is the host of the Work Well Podcast.

Time, Date, and Place

The masterclass is delivered over three hours in a live webinar. Attendees should have a computer with microphone and video capability, and are expected to participate in these interactive sessions.

Course Fees

For more information, contact the Tangent team at tangentcourses@tcd.ie


This masterclass is also delivered as part of our four-week Workplace Wellbeing programme.

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