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In a professional team-based environment, we each bring a unique combination of strengths, weaknesses, expertise, skills, interests, experience, personality, and prejudice to a given project or activity. The way team members interact can have a significant impact on team performance and cohesion.

A high-performing team will always strive for something greater than its members could achieve individually and such a team is characterised by specific factors and behaviours. Facilitating, encouraging and rewarding these behaviours increases the likelihood of a successful project outcome. Understanding and managing team dynamics can help to explain why some teams perform while others fail.

This Masterclass will develop your understanding of team roles and the characteristics of high-performance teams. You will focus on two specific team dynamics: team trust and team purpose and identify ways to enhance both. You will also learn how to identify and alleviate team dysfunction.

The Masterclass is offered in two formats:

Taster Session


The Taster Session and the Masterclass are designed and delivered independently.

The Taster Session is designed to introduce you to the principles and practices of Team Dynamics and how these can impact performance and output. It provides a unique opportunity to sample the material, reflect on your role as a team member and meet those involved in developing and delivering the Masterclass.

The Masterclass provides an in-depth understanding of Team Dynamics and how to analyse and manage Team Dynamics. You will learn the critical success factors in high-performing team formation and development.

Completion of the Taster Session is not a pre-requisite for Masterclass participation.

What topics will be covered?

Taster Session (1 x 1- hour online workshop)

  • Team formation, development and roles;
  • Moving from working group to a high-performance team;
  • Analysis of teams you are familiar with or part of - are you a working group, a true team, or a high-performance team?

The Taster Session aims to provide you with:

  • An understanding of the role that Team Dynamics play in an effective working team;
  • The ability to identify a high-performing team and the characteristics of high-performing teams.

On completion of the Taster Session a Certificate of Attendance will be provided.

Masterclass (1 x 3-hour online workshop)

  • Team roles, composition of membership and the team charter;
  • Team purpose and clarity - common goals, purpose and approach;
  • Communication, accountability and team culture;
  • The five dysfunctions of a team, and how to manage them;
  • Team trust, proving competence, integrity and benevolence.

On completion of the Masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of positive team dynamics in creating synergetic and successful teams;
  • Analyse the role that trust and purpose play in high-performing teams;
  • Apply tools and strategies to help identify and alleviate team dysfunction.

On completion of the Masterclass a Certificate of Completion will be provided.

Who is this Masterclass for?

The Taster Session and Masterclass are designed for anyone working within a team environment in a business, educational, community, problem-solving or restorative environment. It is suitable for project managers, people managers, change agents, team leaders, consultants and facilitators.

Who Teaches the Masterclass?

Jess Hayden: B.A., M.Sc.

Jess is an organisational psychologist who works with clients who are trying to break boundaries. Jess helps prepare leaders and teams to withstand challenging situations at work and find their optimum performance environment using tools and evidence from emotional intelligence, decision-making and innovation research.

Lucy McKenna: B.A., M.A.

Lucy is a learning designer, facilitator and coach, with a focus on innovation and change. Lucy has extensive experience designing impactful programmes that take individuals and teams on a journey from reflection to action. Drawing on research and tools from coaching and design she facilitates leaders to push outside their comfort zone and tackle challenges in innovative and creative ways.

Time, Date, and Place

Taster Session: One 1-hour interactive online live webinar.

Masterclass: One 3-hour interactive online live webinar.

Attendees should have a computer with microphone and video capability, and are expected to participate in these interactive sessions.

Course Fees

For more information, contact the Tangent team at tangentcourses@tcd.ie


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