Health Economics



This short course examines the role of economic principles in understanding the behaviour of users and providers of healthcare, systems of healthcare

financing and resource allocation within health systems. Key issues addressed include:

  • the ways in which individuals respond to incentives;
  • the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of financing health services;
  • the role of cost-effectiveness analysis in determining access to services.

By the end of the course, participants should:

  • understand the fundamental principles of supply and demand and how they relate to health and healthcare services;
  • appreciate options for financing health services and how different methods affect access to care and performance of care providers;
  • describe how the methods of costeffectiveness analysis can be applied to various healthcare interventions.

Date, Time, and Place

This short course is delivered over a four week period (Thurs-Fri), and through a combination of live online; pre-recorded/curated; and live on campus modes (subject to public health guidance). The short course is scheduled to start on the 16th Dec 2022. Precise dates on delivery modes can be provided to interested applicants on request.

Course Fees

€1,080 (excluding application fee).


Interested applicants should contact the Centre of Health Policy and Management, E:

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