War and Peace



War has returned to Europe. The postWorld War 2 peace has been broken. Understanding the deep roots of conflict, and how history can become a tool of warmongers, has never been more urgent. In this series of 16 lectures, we explore cultures of warfare, the consequences of conflict and the possibilities for peace. Trinity’s specialists in the Classics, History of Art and Architecture and History will examine the many facets that contribute to war and peace, and how they were viewed in their times and beyond. The course will examine how warmongers and peacemakers from antiquity to present contributed to what seems to be a permanent succession of war and peace, and how this has been portrayed and received through art, architecture and media.

There will be an opportunity for discussion after each lecture and a small list of recommended reading will be circulated for each session.

Lecturers: Dr Molly Pucci; Dr Patrick Houlihan.

Date, Time and Place

Mondays 7.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. These lectures will take place on campus and may include a live stream for those who are unable to attend in person – though this has yet to be confirmed. Lectures will not be recorded.

This lecture-only module comprises of one lecture per week for eight weeks over two terms (16 lectures in total) commencing 26 September 2022 and recommencing 30 January 2023.


This lecture-only module comprises of two lectures per week over one term commencing in September 2021.

Course Fees

€180 for the course. The concession rate for the course is €95.* * The concession rate is available to second and third level students and people whose primary source of income is a Social Welfare pension or payment, Jobseekers, Health Board or a government-sponsored employment scheme.


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