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Dr Molly Pucci

Dr Molly Pucci

Assistant Professor of Twentieth Century European History

Molly Pucci is an Assistant Professor of Twentieth Century European History. Before coming to Trinity,she was a Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence and a Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center. She holds a PhD in history from Stanford University and an MA in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies from Harvard University. Her current book manuscript examines the creation of communist secret police institutions in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Eastern Germany in the period following the Second World War. Her research interests include the history of communism, legal history, and the history of policing in twentieth century Europe.


In the department of history, I teach a Sophister module titled “The Communist Secret Police in Europe” that traces the role of secret police forces in communist states and societies through the rise and fall of communism in twentieth century Europe. I also contribute to the Freshman module, “Cataclysm and Renewal: History of Continental Europe 1917 to the Present” and oversee group projects in the “War and Imperialism in the Twentieth Century” strand. 

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