Dr. Natasha Evers

Dr. Natasha Evers

Associate Professor, Trinity Business School

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Natasha Evers is Associate Professor in Business Strategy at Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin. She received her Ph.D and M.Econ.Sc degrees from University College Dublin Natasha is Programme Director of Trinity Business School's MSc. in Management. Natasha's main research expertise and field of interest is in International Entrepreneurship, Networks and Strategy of Born Globals, International new ventures and SMEs. She adopts perspectives from strategic management, network and entrepreneurship literatures to study organisations across medium and high tech product and services sectors such as healthcare innovation, marine relate sectors and digital platforms. She has published widely in several prestigious journals across such as: Journal of World Business; International Marketing Review, International Business Review; Management International Review; Entrepreneurship and Regional Development; Journal of International Marketing; Journal of Business Research; Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship,. She has also co-authored her 2nd edition of international book entitled: Technology Entrepreneurship - Bringing Innovation to the Marketplace (2021)Macmillan.London, UK. She has further co-guest edited a number of Journal Special Issues. Natasha served as Visiting Professor of International Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the School of Business, Sustainability & Innovation ,at the University of Halmstad, Sweden for 8 years and is currently Visiting lecturer in the Strategic Business Marketing & International Business at Molde University, Norway. She is Faculty Fellow of McGill University, Montreal Canada. As part of her visiting appointment at Halmstad University, Sweden and collaboration with Aalborg University, Natasha has been allocated funding under the European Marie Curie research project on Legitimation of Newness And Its Impact On Eu Agenda For Change (LNETN). Natasha has been invited to deliver guest seminars on her research at universities across Europe and by the European Commission. She has presented as well as track chaired at international conferences and research workshops and also Chaired the 21st McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference (2017). Natasha is a member of the Editorial Boards of 'Entrepreneurship and Regional Development - An international Journal'.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

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Research Expertise

Natasha's research expertise and field of interest is in International Entrepreneurship and Marketing Strategy of Born Globals, International new ventures and SMEs. She adopts perspectives from both the wide spectrum of strategy, network and entrepreneurship literatures to study firms across medium and high tech product and services sectors across healthcare innovation, marine relate sectors and digital platforms.

Economics, Business & Management,


  • Finalist in Best Paper for Technology Entrepreneurship Track - ISBE Conference 2022, UK October 2022
  • Best Paper at the 38th IMP (Industrial Marketing) Annual Conference 2022, Florence , Italy August, 2022
  • Awarded McGill Faculty Fellow at McGill University, Montreal, Canada September 2018
  • Academy of Management present
  • International Entrepreneurship Scholar (IE Scholars) present
  • European International Business Academy conference 2021. Track Chair for Internationalisation of SMEs & International Entrepreneurship. Madrid 10-13th Dec. 2021 2021
  • Conference Chair for McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference, NUI GAlway, Ireland August 2017
  • Entrepreneurship & Regional Development Journal January 2019