Ms. Sarah Browne

Ms. Sarah Browne

Assistant Professor, Trinity Business School

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Sarah Browne is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Trinity Business School. Sarah completed her Ph.D. at the Dublin Institute of Technology, College of Business. Her current research interests center on critical perspectives in marketing (with a specific focus on food marketing and the commercial determinants of public health), and social marketing. Other current research projects include consumption practices in extreme/risk contexts and digital marketing ethics & data privacy. Sarah's ongoing research projects explore the commercial determinants of public health, specifically food marketing and lobbying by the food industry and its impact on public health and policy. Other research and teaching interests are in the area of social marketing; how the principles of commercial marketing can be applied in both downstream (individual behavior) and upstream (environment/structural) interventions for societal good. Her work has been published in Social Science and Medicine, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Ethics, Medicine and Public Health, Journal of Business Strategy, and Irish Marketing Review. Her co-authored conference papers have been awarded Best in Track and Most Innovative paper, at Academy of Marketing conferences.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

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  • Sarah Browne , Social marketing workshop, HSE Tobacco Free Ireland 2020, HSE, Dublin, January, 2019, HSEInvited Talk

Research Expertise

My areas of research interest seek to broadly explore the role and influence of marketing beyond commercial contexts, focusing on the interrelationship between marketing and society (for example, I am currently engaged in several research studies on public policy and marketing; food marketing and the obesogenic environment, data monetisation and privacy concerns; marketing and consumption- risk and escaping the marketing, "dark" side of marketing- dark tourism marketing; and social marketing.


  • Academy of Marketing Conference Award- Most Innovative Paper 2018
  • Member of International Social Marketing Association (ISMA) present
  • Reviewer for European Journal of Marketing
  • External Examiner for Level 9 Postgraduate Taught Programme, Technological University Dublin 2017-present