BUU11510 Fundamentals of Management & Organisation

(10 ECTS)

Lecturer: Dr. Norah Campbell

Office hours: 12-1pm Tuesdays, Room 213 Trinity Business School, or by appointment

Module Description/Content:

This module does not follow the traditional large lecture method of many first-year modules. Rather, it introduces students to a new way of learning and studying – by independent inquiry, critical appraisal, presentation, debate, discussion, embodied action, and mini-immersions in the ‘swampy lowland’ of organisational reality.

Learning Outcomes:

Tutorial leaders will transitioning their groups to this type of learning by giving them the skills to teach the fundamental skills: how to read journal articles, how to write essays, how to think critically and how to communicate/present effectively.

Tutorial leaders will also work with students through these texts of management and organisation by the teaching support notes, and meetings with Declan.


There are four elements to the assessment of the course:

(1) Tutorial attendance and participation (45%)

  • Tutorials 1 to 6 carry a total of 21% (1% for attending Tutorial 1.
  • Tutorials 2 to 6 carry a possible 4% each).
  • Tutorials 7 to 12 carry a possible total of 24% (4% max possible per Tutorial)

This 45% of the annual grade will be reserved for the SL (Tutorial leader) to assess each student’s performance over the academic year in Tutorials. Each Tutorial will have specific tasks to prepare: reading and viewing in advance of the named materials, small tasks such as investigating a question that has been posed by the SL or lecturer in the previous Tutorial, working within a group during the Tutorial, making short presentations, actively contributing to the discussions during question time, debates and practical tasks. The skills needed to do these things will be developed during the year

(2) Semester 1 MCQ test (15%)

(3) Semester 2 Essay (20%)

(4) Final MCQ test (20%)