Jamie Heaslip

Jamie Heaslip

Irish Strategic Growth Lead @ Stripe


Jamie Heaslip's journey from the rugby pitch to the advisory board of Trinity Business School is marked by a series of strategic transitions. A Trinity MBA graduate of 2022 and a long-standing member of the Trinity rugby team, Jamie's affiliation with the institution is both deep-rooted and multifaceted.

Post-retirement, Jamie has channelled his leadership skills into the tech sector. His roles at Google and Stripe reveal a commitment to fostering growth within Ireland's burgeoning tech industry. His entrepreneurship is characterised by a discrete yet impactful presence in Dublin's pub scene and a supportive role in tech start-ups like Pointy, Kitman Labs, and UrbanVolt to name a few of his early stage investments.

On the advisory board, Jamie offers a blend of quiet determination and insight, contributing to the nurturing of Trinity's innovative ethos and the enrichment of its community.