Professor Catherine Welch

Professor Catherine Welch

Professor of Strategic Management (2018), Trinity Business School


Catherine Welch is Chair of Strategic Management at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, having previously been a Professor at the University of Sydney, Australia. She is also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Aalto University, Finland. Catherine's research has concentrated on approaches to context in international business research, particularly the use of qualitative research methodology and process approaches to studying firm internationalization. Her work has appeared in leading journals in international business and management, including the full range of major international business journals. She has a track record of launching new disciplinary conversations and advocating methodological and theoretical pluralism. She was the first author on a paper which won the 2021 Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) Decade Award. Catherine is the current Book Review Editor of JIBS and is a member of the journal's Research Methods Advisory Committee 2023-2025. She is an Associate Editor of Organizational Research Methods. She is Vice-President, Communications, and Newsletter Editor for the Academy of International Business (AIB) Research Methods Shared Interest Group (RM-SIG), of which she was a founding member ( From 2022-2025 she is serving on the AIB"s board as Vice President Programs. She also serves on the AIB"s Buckley and Casson AIB Dissertation Award Committee.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

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Research Expertise

My research interests are: International strategy, firm internationalization processes, qualitative research methodologies. In my career to date, I have initiated a discussion in my field about the use of qualitative research methodologies, process approaches to firm internationalization (both SMEs and MNEs) and, most recently, contextual theorizing. These are all ongoing research conversations. I am currently co-editing a special issue on future research methodologies for the Journal of World Business and a special issue of the Journal of International Business Studies on "Integrating Historical Approaches in International Business: Moving Beyond `History Matters"". I will be proposing that the conference theme for the Academy of International Business conference be on change processes in international business.


  • Fellow, Academy of International Business June 2022
  • Academy of Management