Romeo V. Turcan is Professor at the Aalborg University Business School in Denmark and Adjunct Professor at the Trinity Business School in Ireland.

Romeo's research interests lie in: creation and legitimation of new sectors and new organisations; late-globalisation, de-globalisation, de-internationalisation; Bubbles, collective behaviour; High impact international entrepreneurship; and cross-disciplinary theory building. 

Prior to commencing his academic career, Romeo worked in a range of posts involving public policy intervention in restructuring, rationalising and modernising business and public sectors such as power, oil, military high-tech, management consulting, ICT and higher education. He founded, started and as CEO led a branch of an international NGO. 

He has been a member of various boards, including the Board of Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International, London, UK (2013-2019) and the Board of the International Society of Markets and Development (2019-present). He is the Chairman of the Organisation of Moldovans in Denmark. 

Romeo is the founder and coordinator of an inter-disciplinary, inter-sectoral, inter-technology and international collaborative research programme, Theory Building Research Programme (TBRP).