Romeo V. Turcan

Romeo V. Turcan

Adjunct Teaching Fellow


Romeo V. Turcan is Professor at the Aalborg University Business School in Denmark and Adjunct Professor at the Trinity Business School in Ireland.

Romeo's research interests lie in: creation and legitimation of new sectors and new organisations; late-globalisation, de-globalisation, de-internationalisation; Bubbles, collective behaviour; High impact international entrepreneurship; and cross-disciplinary theory building. 

Prior to commencing his academic career, Romeo worked in a range of posts involving public policy intervention in restructuring, rationalising and modernising business and public sectors such as power, oil, military high-tech, management consulting, ICT and higher education. He founded, started and as CEO led a branch of an international NGO. 

He has been a member of various boards, including the Board of Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International, London, UK (2013-2019) and the Board of the International Society of Markets and Development (2019-present). He is the Chairman of the Organisation of Moldovans in Denmark. 

Romeo is the founder and coordinator of an inter-disciplinary, inter-sectoral, inter-technology and international collaborative research programme, Theory Building Research Programme (TBRP).