Aidan McCullen

Aidan McCullen

Adjunct Teaching Fellow


Aidan is Senior Consultant with Flow Consulting Group.  He works with organisations to radically change how they interact and engage with each other.

Aidan is a champion for change and has evolved in his own career after rugby. Aidan worked in transformation for digital, innovation and now culture and leadership.

He developed the digital eco-system for Communicorp Radio Group, served as Head of Innovation for RTE (National broadcaster), worked as an innovation consultant for Global innovation consultancy Katawave and sat on the board of the Irish Internet Association. 

He developed and delivered a module on Emerging Technology Trends in Trinity College Business School, ranked 1st in Ireland and in the top 100 globally.

Aidan is also the host and founder of the Global Innovation Show, broadcast on RTE and listened to all over the globe and writer of The Thursday Thought weekly blog.

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