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Joint Honors Ancient History and Archaeology (TEP)

Ancient History and Archaeology are both concerned with understanding social, political and cultural experience in the past. This course offers you the opportunity to range across these two broad disciplines. You will study the Greek and Roman worlds by working with historical and literary documents alongside the material remains of ancient sites and artefacts. There are opportunities to participate in archaeological fieldwork and in study tours to classical sites, and you can, if you wish, take these as modules for credit.

This course is combined with another subject chosen from a range of options within the area of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. No knowledge of ancient languages is necessary for this course.

Junior Freshman

Senior Freshmen/Junior Sophister

Please note: the programme for SF and JS is currently under development, and some modules may change for 2020/21

In the Senior Freshman year, students may take 20 or 40 modules in AHA, depending on the pathway followed; in the Junior Sophister Year, your module choice will depend on your chosen degree outcome (Single Honors, Joint Honors, Major with Minor). For full details, see the Classics Undergraduate Handbook (Joint Honors)


Optional modules also available:


Optional modules also available:

Senior Sophister

Special Subject module(s) (20 or 40 ECTS, depending upon the pathway followed): options will be drawn from the following list: