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Conferences and Workshops

Argonautica Workshop, June 1st-3rd 2023

Past Events

Aphrodite Rising: 25+ years of Cypriot studies at Trinity
A celebratory day of talks on archaeology, history and cultural heritage, and discussions of art and photography together with exhibited works
Saturday November 26th, 2022
Approaching the Hellenistic World
A one-day workshop on Hellenistic literature, history, and archaeology at Trinity College Dublin, Wednesday 27th April
POLYTROPOS AJAX: 8th December 2021
Roots, Evolution and Reception of a Multifaceted Hero
Beyond Athenocentrism: 15th-16th June 2021
Greek Cities’ Responses to Athenian Institutional and Judicial Legacy in the so-called ‘Hellenistic Polis Convergence’