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Beyond Athenocentrism

Greek Cities’ Responses to Athenian Institutional and Judicial Legacy in the so-called ‘Hellenistic Polis Convergence’

Tuesday 15th June, 13:00-19:00; Wednesday 16th June 13:00-18:40, online

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The conference is open and free, but booking for attending the event is essential. We kindly ask all those interested to contact the organisers, Dr. Davide Amendola ( and Dr. Shane Wallace ( A Zoom link will be circulated to registered attendees prior to the event.

15th June 2021

13:00–13:10 BST Welcome address
Chair: A. Erskine (University of Edinburgh)
13:10-13:50 M. Mari (Università di Bari): Democratic institutions in the Hellenistic cities and the Athenian model: recent studies and debated issues
13:50-14:30 N. Luraghi (University of Oxford): Writing the history of Hellenistic Athens
14:30-14:50 Break

Chair: B. McGing (Trinity College Dublin)

14:50-15:30 D. Amendola (Trinity College Dublin): Athens’ contribution to the Hellenistic institutional koine: Some Further Considerations
15:30–16:10 L. Rubinstein (Royal Holloway, University of London): Law-enforcement in the Hellenistic cities: Athenian influence, local practice or Pan-hellenic tradition? The process of praxis as a test case
16:10-16:50 A. S. Chankowski (Université de Poitiers / HeRMA EA 3811): La diffusion des institutions éducatives dans le monde hellénistique: influence du modèle athénien?
16:50-17:10 Break

Chair: C. Constantakopoulou (Birkbeck, University of London)

17:10–17:50 M. Canevaro (University of Edinburgh): Psephophoria, honours and naturalisation around the Aegean: a case of Athenian institutional influence?
17:50-18:30 J. Faguer (École française d’Athènes): Real security and property registers in the Aegean (3rd–2nd c. BCE): Between Athenian Legacy and New Archival Practices      


16th June 2021

Chair: M. Cuypers (Trinity College Dublin)

13:00-13:40 P. Ceccarelli (University College London): The long shadow of Athens? Dramatic performances in the Hellenistic city-states
13:40-14:20 A. Meeus (Universität Mannheim): Hekataios of Abdera and the Alleged Egyptian Origins of Athens and the Eleusinian Mysteries
14:20-14:40 Break

Chair: P. Paschidis (National Hellenic Research Foundation)

14:40-15:20 B. Gray (Birkbeck, University of London): Fourth-century and Early Hellenistic Reconciliation and Amnesty: Reception of Athens 403 and other inspirations
15:20-16:00 M. Simonton (Arizona State University): Demagogues in Hellenistic Greece: An Athenian export?
16:00-16:40 S. Wallace (Trinity College Dublin): Royal Interaction with Athenian Institutions and Ideology in the Early Hellenistic Period
16:40-17:00 Break

Chair: N. Papazarkadas (University of California, Berkeley)

17:00-17:40 F. Forster (Goethe Universität Frankfurt): Beyond Athens – Hellenistic ‘biographical’ decrees in praise of good citizens and their possible connections with the Athenian epigraphic habit

C. Mueller & J. Buffet (Université Paris Nanterre): Les affaires de Madame Nikareta: a sui generis model for financial, legal, and institutional practices in the Hellenistic Boeotian Confederacy?

18:20-18:40 Closing remarks