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Classics Research Seminar

Seminars take place at 5.30 in the Classics Seminar Room (B6.002), Dept of Classics, TCD.  All welcome.

Hilary Term 2020

  • Jan. 29th
    Dr. Crystal Addey (University College Cork)
    “Divination and Dialogue in Porphyry's Letter to Anebo and Iamblichus' On the Mysteries”

  • Feb. 5th
    Dr. Peter Struck (University of Pennsylvania)
    “On Abstinence from Animal Food, Ancient and Modern”

  • Feb. 12th
    Susannah Ashton (Trinity College Dublin)
    “Spinning Song: Re-Considering Cyclical Time through the Lens of Empedocles” Celine Murphy (Trinity College Dublin)
    “Minoan Artefact Replication as an Opportunity for Archaeological Introspection"

  • Feb. 19th
    Dr. Theodora Hadjimichael (Warwick)
    “Simonides, Genre, and Citation in Herodotus’ Histories”

  • April 1st
    Dr. Giacomo Fedeli (Trinity College Dublin)
    “Writing history in a Gedichtbuch: past, present, and Horace's inefficacy as a vates in the Epodes”