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Classics Research Seminar

All presentations by Zoom, 17:30 (Dublin time)

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Hilary Term 2022

  • 09-Feb-22
    James Clauss (University of Washington)
    'Fight or Flight' in Apollonius’ Argonautica

  • 23-Feb-22
    Eleanor Neil (Trinity College Dublin)
    Memory and Mnemonic Practices in Archaeological Interpretation

    Will Strigel (Trinity College Dublin)
    Plato on the ‘Other’ Comic Poets on Socrates

  • 16-Mar-22
    Derek Counts (Creighton University)
    title TBD

  • 30-Mar-22
    Jennifer Ingleheart (Durham University)
    title TBD

  • 13-Apr-22
    George Prekas (Trinity College Dublin)
    Not all Priests Sacrifice Princesses: Manilius on the Lucretian Iphianassa

    Andrew Hill (Trinity College Dublin)
    Carthage’s First Libyan Revolt (396-392): An Environmental Context

Michaelmas Term 2021

Hilary Term 2020-21 (online)

  • March 31st
    D. Amendola (TCD),
    Attica in Egypt: Athens and Alexandria Between the Late Fourth Century BCE and the Outbreak of the Chremonidean War
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  • March 10th
    Jacopo Tabolli (Soprintendenza Archeologia, Siena, Arezzo e Grosseto)
    The Mud and the Sanctuary: A New Roman Sacred Area in San Casciano dei Bagni (Chiusi, Italy)
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  • March 3rd
    Evi Margaritis (The Cyprus Institute)
    Beyond Ritual at Keros: "domesticity" and the quotidian in Early Bronze Age Aegean
    (Site Directors: Michael Boyd, Colin Renfrew)
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  • Feb 17th
    Brian McGing (TCD)
    ‘Messing with Manuscripts. How did Appian's Mithridateios begin and end?’
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  • Feb 3rd
    Sean Leatherbury (UCD)
    'Local Styles, Local Identities? The Late Roman Mosaics of Edessa'
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Michaelmas Term 2020-21 (online)

  • Dec 16th
    Emma Buckley (University of St. Andrews)
    'A Heap of Broken Images? The Fragmentary Aesthetic of Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica'
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  • Dec 9th
    Ellen Adams (Kings College London)
    ‘Sensing the Other: Blindness, Deafness and Appreciating Antiquities’
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  • Dec 2nd
    Rubina Raja (Aarhus University)
    ‘Modelling Death in Palmyra: The Significance of the Roman Period Funerary Portraits’
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  • Nov 18th
    Alessandro Schiesaro (University of Manchester)
    ‘Intimations of Mortality: Ovid and the End(s) of the World’
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  • Nov 4th
    Sean McGrath / Kathryn Murphy (Trinity College Dublin)
    (Greek/Latin Animals)
    SM: 'My Lover is a Dolphin: Oppian on the Implications of Animal Metamorphosis'
    KM: 'The Art of Manipulation: Staging Sensory Experiences in Roman Animal Displays'

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  • Oct 21st
    Katharina Volk (Columbia University)
    ‘Towards a Definition of Sapientia: Philosophy in Cicero’s Pro Marcello.’
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