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Open Modules

Open Modules

Open Modules are modules that are taught as part of or by other programmes but are complementary and related to your own programme of study. Open Modules will provide you with a wealth of opportunities to enrich the study of your core curriculum and to develop the Trinity Graduate Attributes.

**Open Module lists updated - 17/09/20

Indicative lists of Open Modules by Single Honours and Joint Honours Programme for 2020/21 2nd Year Students

  • Programmes are grouped below under Single Honours or Joint Honours headings. Click on the appropriate heading to find your programme. Then, click on your programme to find the list of Open Modules approved by your Subject(s).
  • Please note, for Joint Honours students, the actual Open Modules that you will be able to choose from will be determined by the timetabling of your two subjects, i.e., a subset of the Open Modules listed under both subjects will be available.
  • Students on programmes not listed below should contact their School/Programme Office for details of the Open Modules available to them.

Single Honours Programmes

Named Joint Honours Programmes

Important Quick Facts about Open Modules

  • Open Modules are taken in combination with Trinity Electives. For more information on Trinity Electives, see
  • Open Modules are weighted at either 5 or 10 ECTS (credits); 5 credit modules are taught and assessed within one semester; 10 credit modules may be taught and assessed over one or two semesters. (The modules you take as part of your programme are worth either 5 or 10 credits and you must take 60 credits per year.)
  • The number of Open Modules you may take varies according to your programme. If you are on a Single Honours or Joint Honours programme (listed below) and opt to take Open Modules and Trinity Electives in your SF year (20 credits in total), you will take either 10 or 15 credits of Open Modules depending on whether you take one or two Trinity Electives (weighted at 5 credits each).
  • Open Modules will be selected as part of the online enrolment process after the 1st Year end of year assessment results have been published at the end of May.
  • Allocation will be on a first come, first served basis and places are subject to availability.
  • Additional information on Open Modules may be found at and

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