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Prospective Students

Trinity Joint Honours programmes provide students with the opportunity to choose to study two subjects. Studying two subjects allows you to explore your interests while combining different perspectives. There are currently 29 available subjects that can be studies in a possible 159 combinations.

Our current Junior Freshman class hails from 32 countries with around 1 in 8 students coming from outside of the EU. Not only will you be viewing the world through the lens of two fascinating subjects and in the context of a diverse student body, you may also decide to expand your experience by participating in Study Abroad exchange. You may also choose to undertake Foundation Scholarship examinations to further expand your horizons and develop your journey through higher education.

The Trinity Joint Honours programme has been developed to encourage you to develop a unique journey from the start of your programme to the attainment of your degree. As a Trinity Joint Honours student, you will not only be provided with an opportunity to study two subjects, you will also choose the structure of your programme from defined pathways . You may wish to study both subjects throughout the four years of your programme to achieve a Joint Honours award. You may choose to avail of the opportunity to shift emphasis more to one of your subjects while continuing to study the second subject and achieve a Major with Minor award or you may decide to focus your efforts entirely on one subject from the second year of the programme towards a Single Honours award. Within each of these pathways you will also be provided an opportunity to undertake Open Modules and Trinity Electives, which allow you to experience teaching and learning outside of your core subjects.

Prior to 2019 Trinity College provided students the opportunity to study two subjects under the Two-Subject Moderatorship– as an institution we have a great wealth of experience in offering programmes based in the study of two disciplines. This experience has allowed us to establish Trinity Joint Honours as a flagship programme in the Arts and Humanities with collaboration from Computer Science, Geography and Mathematics that we hope will continue to expand in its offerings in the years to come.

In your menu, you will find links that provide information on the subject combinations available, detailed information on the pathways available to you and an admissions overview.

We hope that you find the information you are seeking on these pages and welcome any questions you may have on Trinity Joint Honours.