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Capstone Project

All Trinity undergraduates in Trinity Joint Honours (TJH) programmes have the opportunity to complete a Capstone project, an independent piece of work, during their degree course. It is normally completed in the final year of study, forming part of the official workload for that year in the form of a 20 ECTS module.
The Common Architecture provides students with flexibility in their programme and allows them to choose from defined pathways to achieve their degree award. Within these pathways, students and programmes must fulfil requirements to ensure the appropriate number of credits at the appropriate level are achieved. Similarly, there are conditions placed on the Capstone project. In addition to these conditions, disciplines and projects may require students to undertake pre-requisite modules prior to committing to a Capstone project in their area.

Joint Honours Pathway – Subject Selection Process

TJH students on a Joint Honours pathway will take, in their Senior Sophister year, 20 ECTS in each of their subjects and a 20 ECTS Capstone project in one of their subjects.
Students should seek information from their departments about Capstone topics, expectations and other relevant details in order to make an informed decision about which of their joint honours subjects they will undertake their Capstone in.  Once the student has reached a decision, they must fill in the TJH Capstone Project Form to confirm which subject they wish to take their Capstone in.

  • TJH Capstone Discipline Form: The TJH Capstone Project Form is for Trinity Joint Honour students who are on the Joint Honours pathway. Please fill in this form to confirm which of your two Subjects you wish to complete your Capstone in.
  • Deadline: The form will open on 22 January 2024 until Wednesday 07 February 2024 for Capstones which will be undertaken in 2024/25.
    • Please click here for the TJH Capstone Subject Selection form (not available).

Please be aware that you can apply to change your Capstone subject at a later date up to Friday 31 May 2024. Such a change is not guaranteed and will depend on obtaining the approval of the department subject to their requirements and capacities. No request to change the discipline of your Capstone will be accepted after Friday 31 May 2024. Please click here for the TJH Capstone Subject Change Request form (no longer available).

Capstone Project - It is important for Trinity Joint Honours students to be aware of the following:

  • Module pre-requisites for Capstone projects may exist and students are responsible for engaging with information provided from Disciplines and/or Programmes of Study and ensuring they are aware of any pre-requisites for Capstone projects. Students are responsible for module selection and as such are responsible for ensuring they meet the requirements of their Capstone.
  • Where a student is following the Single Honours Degree Pathway for their Sophister years, they will complete a Capstone project in the subject of the Single Honours award.
  • Where a student is following the Major with Minor Degree Pathway for their Sophister years, they will complete a Capstone project in the Major subject.
  • Where a student is following a Joint Honours Degree Pathway in their Sophister year students will advise which of their two subjects they wish to complete their Capstone in as part of a process run by the UCAO – please see the details on this process in the Joint Honours Pathway – Subject Selection Process

tjh pathway capstone

Capstone Requirements per TJH Subject

Please see the Capstone Requirements per TJH Subject 2023/24 document which shows requirements for TJH Subjects.