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Erasmus and Study Abroad

Trinity Joint Honours students and Single Honours students who have picked up a New Minor Subject will have opportunities to participate in Study Abroad/Erasmus exchanges during their third year of study.

Depending on the degree award pathway you would like to follow, you will need to follow specified structures on your Study Abroad/ Erasmus exchange in order to meet your degree requirements. You will also need to have your study abroad learning agreement reviewed and approved to ensure you will meet these requirements.

Erasmus & Study Abroad advice for Trinity Joint Honours Students provides information on these requirements for students on Trinity Joint Honours programmes and details the requirements for the Joint Honours, Major with Minor, and Single Honours degree pathways.

Single Honours students who have picked up a New Minor Subject in their second year that they wish to continue with to degree award should review Erasmus & Study Abroad for Single Honours students on a Major with Minor Pathway for the information relevant to your programme.

Study Abroad & Exchange - Outbound provides information you might need on partner universities and how to apply for exchange, as well as FAQs and information on how to prepare for travelling and returning from abroad.

Exchange Co-ordinator(s) for your subject(s) are a key source of information and support throughout the application process for Study Abroad/Erasmus exchanges.

Trinity Conversion Table for Marks and ECTS Equivalent Credits - this is a link to the Study Abroad & Exchange website, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the heading 'Conversion Tables'. This document was last updated in February 2022 and older versions should not be used.

Transcript of Results

Please upload your Transcript of Results via this online Transcript of Resuults upload form. Deadlines for submitting are:

  • Semeser 1 Exchange - Return by 13th April 2023 - Results will be published at the Annual Assessment Session
  • Semester 1 or Full-Year Exchange by 21st July 2023 - Results will be published at the Reassessment Session

As always please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and we will do our best to help you!

Erasmus/Study Abroad FAQ

Trinity Joint Honours Pathway Queries

Do I have to study both subjects while on Exchange?

As a Trinity Joint Honours student you are expected to study both of your subjects while abroad. You can apply to go on exchange through either one of both of your Subjects. You can also apply to go on an International exchange through Gobal Relations.

Where do I start to research what exchanges I can go on?

 In order to start your research, I would advise you to contact the Exchange Coordinators in both of your subjects to enquire about Universities they have partnerships with. Then you will need to ensure you can take modules in both of your subjects in your exchange university. For information please see:

I am on a Single Honour pathway. Am I required to take Open Modules/Trinity Electives while on exchange?

Open Modules and Trinity Electives do not need to be replicated abroad as the requirement for breadth of learning will be fulfilled on the basis of what Erasmus/ non-EU exchanges achieve towards a diverse experience of education. You may opt to take additional modules while abroad as breadth but are not required to do so.

If I'm on a Major with Minor pathway would I be expected to take modules in my Minor while abroad?

Yes, you will need to study both of your subjects while abroad. Please check here to find out who many credits you will need in each subject.

Does my year abroad count towards my degree?

Yes - Year 3 year is worth 30% of your degree and Year 4 is worth 70% of your degree.

I’m doing a major minor pathway, can I study abroad for the whole year or just one semester?

You can study abroad for either a full year or half year if you choose the Major with Minor pathway Option A, where you continue your minor in year 4.
If you choose the Major with Minor pathway Option B, where you finish your minor in Year 3, it is not possible to go on a full year exchange. It may be possible to go on a half year exchange in Semester 1 only, this is not possible with every subject, you should speak to your Exchange Coordinators about this.

I would really like to go on Erasmus/International exchange; however, I am studying Irish and French and there are very few host universities that teach both these subjects. What should I do?

In this case it would be very important to link in with both of your study abroad co-ordinators and departments – in this case it may be possible to take only French modules while abroad and then take all your Irish modules in Trinity In this case you must obtain permission from both of your subjects to do this and send these permissions to

Can I go on exchange if I am on the Major with Minor Option B pathway (Finish studying the Minor in Year 3)

The College has a requirement that students do not achieve their award while outside of Trinity and as a result students can only go on exchange in Semester 1 if they choose the Major with Minor Option B pathway and must be able to take both subjects while away.