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TSM - Some Helpful Information for Former Students and Graduates

Transcripts, Documents, Forms and Overview

The final cohort of students to take the Two Subject Moderatorship (TSM) Course graduated in 2022. The TSM Course commenced in 1978. Initially overseen by the Senior Lecturer, the Course was then run by Deans of the Faculty of Arts and latterly by TSM Course Directors and the TSM Course Office. Throughout its history, the TSM Course was taken by many thousands of students who benefitted from its wide range of subjects and combinations.

Current or former Trinity Joint Honours students, as well as former TSM students, may require documentation or transcripts from time to time for the purpose of applications to further education, employment or other reasons. A majority of documents will be provided by the Academic Registry Service Desk and for current students you may be able to access a number of documents from your MyTCD.

If you are a former TSM student looking for information, please find detailed information at Transcripts, Documents and Forms – TSM Students.

It is important to note that requests for these documents cannot be made via third parties, such as a parent or prospective employer, without the written consent of the person named on the transcript or documentation.

It is also important to note that there ay be a processing timeframe associated with your request and you should plan on making requests a minimum of 2-3 weeks ahead of time.


An academic transcript is a detailed record of your studies at Trinity College Dublin. It confirms your course of study, the period of registration, the modules that have been taken, and the number of credits and grades achieved. If you have graduated, the transcript will also include your degree result. For information, please see Transcripts

Former TSM students should be able to obtain their transcripts through or by making contact with the Academic Registry Service Desk.

You may also find the information on Transcripts, Documents and Forms - TSM Students helpful.

Student/Graduate Letters; Documents and Forms

Documents and Forms – Academic Registry Service Desk details the types of letters, documents and forms they provide assistance with and should be the first port of call for any requests. It is important to keep in mind that many institutions will only accept official letters, documents and/or forms that are signed and stamped by Academic Registry.

If there is a letter; document or form that they cannot provide assistance with, please contact us with information about what is required and the reason the documentation is required and we will do our best to assist you.

Former TSM students will find detailed information at Transcripts, Documents and Forms – TSM Students.