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Assessment and Progression

We are aiming to provide general information on Assessment and Progression. If you have a specific query or concern in relation to progression and assessment it is best to contact your College Tutor or Department for clarification.

Information regarding term dates, assessment periods, mark publication dates or appeal deadlines can be found on the Calendar of Events Page for your Academic Year. Provisional and End of Year Marks will be released directly to students via their portal.

It is important to note that due to Data Protection requirements information on an individual student’s grades cannot be given out by phone and will not be released to any third party without the permission of the student.

Prizes 2022/23

Please click here to view the Prizes for students in all standings:

Prizes - Junior Sophister 2022/23

Prizes - Senior Sophister 2022/23

How will I be assessed?

Many modules within Trinity Joint Honours will be assessed via Continuous Assessment – i.e. essays, small projects, in-class quizzes, assignments, etc and/or formal examinations in the Assessment Periods at the end of Semesters 1 & 2.

Module/Departmental handbooks should provide details on how each of module will be assessed and the value of each assessment towards the final module mark. The deadline for continuous assessments may be included in module descriptors or they may be communicated via Blackboard or other means such as an announcement or email. If there are any queries on this, please liaise with the Module Co-ordinator or the Department for clarification.

What is the Mark and Grade Scale?

Most modules will have a pass mark of 40 and students would generally also need to achieve this mark at the end of the year in order to progress to the next academic year (please see ‘How do I pass the year?). Below is the key to grades and results:

  • I = first class, 70% and above
  • II.I = second class first division, 60-69%
  • II.2 = second class second division, 50-59%
  • III = third class, 40-49%
  • F1 = fail, 30-39%
  • F2 = fail, 0-29%
  • How do I pass the year?

    A student will have passed the year provided they meet all assessment requirements for their modules AND either Pass the Year Outright or Pass the Year by Compensation.

    In order to pass the year outright a student will need to achieve an overall credit-weighted pass mark of 40% or higher for the year, based on the full 60 credits (ECTS) undertaken AND they will also need to achieve a pass mark of 40% or higher in each of your modules.

    In order to pass the year by compensation a student will need to achieve an overall credit-weighted pass mark of 40% or higher for the year; they will also need to pass a minimum of 50 credits (ECTS) with a minimum module mark of 40% in each module; AND they will need to achieve a fail mark between 35% and 39% in modules not exceeding 10 credits (ECTS) in total.

    What happens if I miss an assessment?

    Students experiencing difficulties that affect their ability to complete their assessments should please contact their College Tutor, or Senior Tutor’s Office, at the earliest opportunity to discuss the nature of the difficulties and the possible options available. The options available will depend on a number of factors, so it is best to liaise with their College tutor as soon as possible on this for the best advice.

    Where can I go if I need general advice on completing coursework and assessments?

    Our colleagues in Student Learning and Development have a number of Assessment Resources and run a number of workshops that may be helpful in providing learning support to students throughout their time at Trinity.

    What happens if I fail and do not meet the requirements for passing by compensation?

    Students who have an overall Fail result following the Semester 2 / End of Year session will be reassessed in all failed modules, at the Reassessment session. Details of what components/modules need to be reassessed in will be on the portal with your results. If you have any queries on your requirements please contact your Department(s) in the first instance.

    If you are unable to pass by compensation at the Re-assessment session, then generally speaking you will need to repeat the full year, but you should link in with your tutor to discuss if there are any restrictions on this or if there may be other options available to you.

    It should be noted that it is not permitted to repeat the same academic year more than once nor is it permitted to repeat more than two academic years within a course.

    I have a question about a mark on one of my modules and/or assessment components. Who should I contact?

    In the first instance you should reach out to your module co-ordinator or the department delivering the module.

    I don't agree with my progression outcome. What should I do?

    Please contact your College tutor as soon as possible as they will be able to advise if you have grounds for an appeal. The deadlines for filing an appeal at Annuals and Re-assessment are normally within 2-3 working days of publication of results, so it is important that you make contact with them as soon as possible after results are published.

    How will my final degree award be calculated?

    For students on Trinity Joint Honours programmes, the final degree award will be calculated on their final two years’ results - Year 3 be weighted at 30% and Year 4 will be weighted at 70% of the overall degree award.

    What is the Gold Medal criteria for Trinity Joint Honours or Students on a Single Honours with a New Minor Subject?

    The Courts of Examiners for Trinity Joint Honours (TJH) and the Sophister years of Single Honours with a New Minor Subject will nominate Senior Sophister students that meet the following criteria for a Gold Medal in 2023-24:

    • Achieve a mark of 75%, or above, in their overall degree

    All nominations must be approved by the Board of Trinity College. Recipients will normally receive their Gold Medal from the University at their Graduation ceremony.

    What is an Ordinary B.A.?

    The Ordinary B.A. is a Level 7 award. The following students are eligible for the Ordinary B.A.:

    1. Junior Sophister students who successfully complete and pass the Junior Sophister year. Students may request this prior to the publication of their Junior Sophister results, pending eligibility, or may apply for it post-publication of results to the Undergraduate Common Architecture Office.

    2. Senior Sophister students who attempt and fail the Senior Sophister year and who opt not to repeat the year.

    If you are considering exiting the College with an Ordinary B.A. we would recommend that you discuss this with your College tutor.

    How do I apply for an ordinary B.A.?

    Please see our ordinary B.A. document for further information.