Geography (JH)

B.A. Honours Bachelor Degree (NFQ Level 8)
4 Years Full-Time
62 Places
CAO Points 388-576 (2023)


What is Geography?

Geography is a discipline inherently suited to addressing current and future societal challenges. It asks questions about how and why human, physical, and environmental phenomena vary across space and time. Geography is intrinsically interdisciplinary and, as the world becomes increasingly interconnected, geographers are well placed to bring their understanding and skills to bear on social and environmental issues.

Do you enjoy…

  • Learning to understand the way that global environmental change will alter our future?
  • Finding out about the developing world and geopolitics?
  • Analysing landscapes and landscape development over time?

    Geography: The course for you?

    Today, geographical knowledge and experience are more important than ever, helping us to understand a dynamic and rapidly changing world. Our staff are world leaders in their chosen field and bring that expertise to their teaching. You will get to study in the classroom and the field, and undertake independent research in Ireland, overseas, and even on Mars!

      Geography at Trinity

      Trinity is ranked in the top 100 for Geography in 2022 QS Subject Rankings. Trinity is a hub of intensive and extensive geographical scholarship in Ireland. We teach and research across the subject, from coastal modelling and environmental change to development theory and urbanisation. Trinity geographers provide expert advice to governments and non-government institutions alike, on issues such as climate change, the economy, social inequality, health and wellbeing.

      Graduate skills and career opportunities

      Geographers are trained to analyse and provide solutions to diverse global challenges, ranging from the environmental and the urban, to the economic, political and social. This combination of subject specific (such as GIS, remote sensing, and modelling) and transferable skills (such as teamwork and problem solving) make geography graduates highly valued in today’s job market, where adaptability and flexibility are widely regarded as assets. The ease with which our graduates find employment in all sorts of sectors suggests that employers know this!

      Careers taken up by graduating geography students include urban and regional planning, environmental consultancy, research and teaching, financial services, foreign affairs, leisure, tourism and overseas development.

      Your degree and what you’ll study

      The first year Geography course aims to provide a solid grounding in human, physical and environmental geography, focusing on materials that are dealt with in greater depth in later years. During fourth year, students specialising in Geography undertake a research dissertation and choose from optional modules that include:

      • Understanding Environmental Change.
      • Globalisation and African Development.
      • Historical Geography I and II.
      • Periglacial Geomorphology.
      • Environmental Governance II.
      • Spatial Analysis Using GIS.
      • Stormy Geomorphology.
      • Urban Geography: Cities, Space and Culture.

      A combination of continuous assessment and end-of-semester examination is used.

      There are QQI/FET routes available for this course. Please see for details.

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      Study abroad

      There are opportunities for students to spend all or part of the third year studying abroad at Exeter, Bordeaux, Paris-Sorbonne, Prague (Charles University), Utrecht or Stockholm universities.

      Further information on study abroad opportunities can be found at: 

      Study Geography (Joint Honours) at Trinity

      This presentation provides an outline of Geography (Joint Honours) at Trinity College Dublin.

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      B.A. Honours Bachelor Degree (NFQ Level 8)

      CAO Information

      CAO Points 388-576 (2023)

      Number of Places

      62 Places
      students working in library/>

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      Geography, in general, presents countless opportunities and in studying at Trinity I feel the course has prepared me for whatever I want to do in the future! I engaged with topics on climate change, glaciers, and cities. I learnt about the surface of Mars and the creation of historical maps of Europe. And it is not only about the things I get to know but also the way they are taught – all the lecturers are very approachable, knowledgeable and helpful. There’s always a chance to exchange interesting facts and views. I have met new, exciting, and fun people I will never forget. Geography at Trinity was one of my best choices in life and I hope more people can experience it too!

      Filip Bukowski


      It might be cheesy to say that ‘geography rocks’ but it’s true! Studying Geography at Trinity has left me with more than just an education. Through the wide range of modules offered within the course I have learnt a diverse range of skills which are really relevant in today’s society. Not only that, but the chance to partake in field-trips, both at home and abroad, makes this course an excellent place for forming lasting friendships while learning lots along the way.

      Sarah McDonagh