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Master in Theology

3 years part-time residential / 4 years part-time blended learning

Course Description

The M.Th. offers a distinctive learning experience based on the integration of the fields of theology, biblical studies and Christian practice. Students will engage critically with the intellectual challenges of ministry through the study of key themes in biblical, theological and ministerial studies. The course is thus framed around a clear interaction between both theory and practice and across a variety of areas of ministerial formation. The M.Th. aims to maintain a rigorous academic core whilst also broadening the scope of content and assessment to include professional application.   This course is offered only in the part-time mode, with two options: Mode A which runs for three years and Mode B which runs for four years.

Course Content:   
•      Christian Thinking About God
•      Jesus the Christ
•      Pentateuch and Psalms
•      Critical and Interpretative Issues in the Study of the Gospels
•      Sages and Prophets in the Context of Israelite History
•      New Testament Letters and Writings
•      Anglican Dogmatic Theology
•      Hermeneutics
•      Cosmology, Anthropology and the Church
•      Theology and Ethics
•      Mission, Culture and Social Context
•      Pastoral Studies
•      Liturgy, Worship and Spirituality
•      Anglican Studies in an Irish Context
•      Church Leadership Practice and Practicalities

  Elective Modules: Students take one of three elective modules.
•      Ministry for Reconciliation
•      Church History
•      Developing New Communities of Faith

 Co-requisite Modules: these modules are part of the ministry portfolio and are assessed by means of both written submission and an oral examination.
•    Homiletics
•    Spirituality
•    Ministerial Formation

A dissertation is a component of the final year and assessed both by written submission and oral examination.

Peter James Kiernan - New York, USA (Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, 2017 - 2018)

"Trinity College Dublin is the premier English speaking higher education institution in the European Union. As a result, it exposes you to the best professors, resources, and classmates a university can offer.

I chose to study Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation at Trinity’s Irish School of Ecumenics, because of the incredible depth of their program. With a satellite-campus in Belfast, the program is at ground zero for studying the Troubles and the ramifications of peace in a post-conflict society. The professors and coursework are foremost in the field and challenge you to go beyond assumptions, and the community and staff make you feel at home. All of this, while being immersed in an environment where you live and experience the effects of post-conflict everyday make for a deeply meaningful and constructive education.

Studying at Conflict Resolution in Ireland was an incredible opportunity and a transformational experience. I came away with lifelong friends, mentors and memories that will last a lifetime."

Course Details


3 years part-time residential / 4 years part-time blended learning

Next Intake

September 2020

Closing Date

20 May 2020

Course Fees

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