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What is mentoring?

Career mentoring is a relationship between a student (‘mentee’) and a more experienced person (‘mentor’), who is there to support you with developing your career.
The purpose of the relationship is the passing on of knowledge, experience and offering advice. Mentors can help with preparing for the world of work, discuss career options and offer practical assistance with getting jobs and a place on a postgraduate course.

Your Trinity alumni mentor could be working in an area that interests you or have graduated from the same course as you. It is up to you to select a mentor that interests you. As a student of Trinity, you have exclusive access to Trinity Alumni Online, where you can connect with mentors. You and your mentor will build a mentoring relationship, helping you achieve your mentoring objectives.


What types of topics can be covered?

  • Exploring job roles and sectors
  • Deciding what to do after College
  • Practicing job interviews, professional communication and networking
  • Finding jobs not advertised
  • CV/LinkedIn profile reviews
  • Developing your professional networks
  • Clarifying and working towards your career goals

Who is mentoring for?

  • Mentoring is for all undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in developing their career and network.
  • Mentoring is for all students who agree to the Mentee Guidelines and the Principles of Mentoring - Mentees available at Trinity Alumni Online and the Careers Service website.
  • It is for students interested in reflecting on their experiences. Trinity’s Guided Reflection Tool can help you to reflect in a structured way and could be the basis for a meeting with your mentor

What are my mentoring options?

Rollover to find out more:

Mentoring Options

or download the above graphic as a pdf.


2023/24 Programme

  • Join in our Get Started with Mentoring Event, and find out how you could benefit from career mentoring
  • Attend one of our online weekly Mentoring Clinics for support and advice from a Careers Consultant
  • Login to Trinity Alumni Online, browse the mentors available to you and request a Flash or Longer-Term mentor
  • Register to attend our Career Inspiration event on October 16th to meet Alumni from AHSS courses now working in a variety of different areas
  • Keep an eye out for more Career Inspiration events in Semester 2

* For full details and to register for all events, please sign-in to MyCareer and go to the events tab

Being a mentee

Mentoring success stories


Mentee - Amy

: Amy studying History & Political Science

My longer-term mentoring goals included:

  • To explore jobs in the EU and investigate whether a career in this field would suit me
  • To seek help in drafting a CV and structuring my LinkedIn page in order to make both of these attractive to potential employers
  • To receive advice on which avenues to pursue after completion of my undergraduate degree
  • To receive a Dean of Students Mentoring Certificate of Completion

Mentor - Erica

: Erica working as a Communications & Events Coordinator with the Assembly of European Regions, Brussels

What I could offer a student interested in longer-term mentoring was:

  • Consultation on their CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Advice on careers in European Affairs
  • Guidance on applying for postgraduate study in this field

Amy and Erica used ‘Tracking My Mentoring Journey’ to manage their relationship. They agreed to work on internship applications and postgraduate study options. They met four times over Skype and exchanged emails. Erica shared lots of resources for finding work in the field of European Affairs and was a great support throughout the year. As a result of Erica’s mentorship, Amy was able to recognise her skillset and form a clear idea of the best postgraduate course to pursue. Amy and Erica are still in contact via LinkedIn.


Mentee - Lisa

: Lisa studying European Studies

My longer-term mentoring goals included:

  • To explore the career steps I could take after completion of my undergraduate degree
  • To receive advice on structuring my CV
  • To learn about interview skills and techniques
  • To receive a Dean of Students Mentoring Certificate of Completion

Mentor - Nonie

: Nonie working as an International Marketing Officer in Global Relations

What I could offer a student interested in longer-term mentoring was:

  • An overview of my career experience in communications and marketing in the non-profit, education, and arts sectors
  • Guidance on additional avenues to pursue, such as internships, Stages at the European Commission, US Grad Program etc.
  • Advice on their CV and interview skills

Lisa and Nonie used ‘Tracking My Mentoring Journey’ to manage their relationship. They initially messaged on Trinity Alumni Online and thereafter by email. They met three times and Nonie agreed to help Lisa identify the career steps she could take after graduation. Lisa appreciated the chance to clarify her interests with Nonie and to hear about a range of opportunities she had not previously been aware of. They are now connected on LinkedIn and Lisa is working in Brussels.

Mentoring resources

Once you register with Trinity Alumni Online use these Mentoring Guidelines to help you to approach a mentor. Once you have found a mentor the guidelines will help you to manage the process of flash and longer-term mentoring relationships.