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Be a careers resource for students

Trinity Careers Service values Trinity alumni skills and expertise. However much time you can spare, here are some ways in which you can engage with students, learn new skills and make connections.

Share your time: be a mentor

Mentoring is a relationship between a student ('mentee') and a more experienced person ('mentor'). The purpose of the relationship is the passing on of knowledge, experience and offering advice. Mentors can help with preparing for the world of work, discuss career options and offer practical assistance with getting jobs and a place on a postgraduate course.

Exploring mentoring options

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Share your network with students, alumni or associations

  • Students from your School
  • Associations e.g. TBA
  • Alumni e.g. Alumni weekend
  • Join the Saothar Network

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Share your career expertise

Students find talking to people who work in the field they are considering can bring it alive and help them to judge how they would fit in. Students also learn from the experience of others and what employers are looking for. There are a number of initiatives to which we invite you to contribute. We would be very grateful if you would agree to work with us.

Be a member of a panel, sectoral fora, or participate in Careers Week

Participate in an event based on a given theme, involving 4-6 former students speaking about the career choices they have made, their experiences since leaving College and advice on preparing for the world of work. A typical session is 50 mins long (30-40 mins presentation with 10-20 mins Q&A)

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Offer a summer internship

Find out more about internship opportunities and contact the Careers Service Team to discuss opportunities.