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Volunteering can be a rewarding opportunity to contribute to the community, develop a range of skills and increase your confidence. The benefits of volunteering are countless and it can offer emotional, physical and professional benefits. If you are looking to gain work experience and develop transferrable skills, volunteering is a great option, and with a wide range of opportunities available there will definitely be something out there for you.

An added benefit is that employers look favourably on candidates who have volunteered as it provides evidence of being a rounded person with interests outside of their course and with the ability to commit to doing more than the minimum required. You can enhance your application forms and CV with the skills you have learned and contributions you have made while volunteering. You can also apply to have your volunteering recognised through the Dean’s List awards (see the Civic Engagement Office website) or, depending on your course of study, through the Trinity Employability Award.

Find out what volunteering opportunities are available out there and identify what interests you the most:

Volunteering opportunities