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How we can support you

Trinity College Dublin graduates can access a range of supports from the professional team of Careers Consultants at Trinity Careers Service. These include:

MyCareer online careers portal

MyCareer is the online portal that connects you with Trinity Careers Service. Sign in and personalise your profile to receive updates about events and opportunities of interest to you. Using MyCareer you can:

  • Search and apply for opportunities - vacancies and competitions
  • Search postgraduate courses and funding opportunities
  • View and book onto employer and Trinity Careers Service events
  • Submit your career queries to the Careers Service team
  • Book an appointment with your Careers Consultant- available to recent graduates until 30th June in the year following their course ending. Please see 'Recent graduate career guidance appointments' for more information


Recent graduate career guidance appointments

Planning your career and figuring out your next steps in a world full of choices can be challenging, and we are here to help. We offer individual Recent Graduate career guidance appointments throughout the academic year and during holiday periods, depending on availability. This is a confidential, impartial and non-directive meeting with a qualified careers consultant with responsibility for the course you studied, who will support you in planning the next step in your career.

Topics covered in these sessions can include, but are not limited to, options available within your preferred area, feedback on an application, further study options, disclosure of health problems to employers or gaps on your CV. You can book a 20 minute 'online' or 'in-person' Recent Graduate appointment through MyCareer. Please see here for information. Graduates will need to provide a non-TCD email address at the time of booking, and will need to check that email to get the link to join the session.

Recent graduates can avail of one-to-one appointments until the end of June in the year following your course ending.

Book an appointment

Please see our 'Policy on Services to Graduates' below for more details.

Practice interviews

Recent graduates can avail of practice interview sessions until the 30th June in the year following your course ending.

Practice interviews offer a great opportunity for you to get ready for a real job interview. This highly practical support helps to boost your confidence and develops your interviewing skills. During a practice interview an experienced Careers Consultant will take you through an interview scenario, asking you interview questions based on the job to which you are applying. After the practice interview you will receive feedback from the consultant to help you gain an understanding of what you are doing well and what could be improved. This service is particularly beneficial if you haven’t experienced an interview before, if you have had a number of interviews without securing a job offer, or if you haven’t attended an interview in a long time.

All 'practice interviews' are conducted via MS Teams. Please see here for information. Graduates will need to provide a non-TCD email address at the time of booking, and will need to check that email to get the link to join the session.

There will be approximately 20mins of questions then the Careers Consultant will give you feedback.

We offer a number of practice interview slots every week. This is a very popular service which can book up early. See the Events section on MyCareer for availability of upcoming practice interviews.

Some Practice Interviews may take longer than usual to facilitate due to the technical requirements and we appreciate your co-operation and patience.

What do I need to submit for a practice interview?

As each interview is tailored to the specific needs of the student/graduate we require a number of documents to be uploaded, and the booking form completed, before a booking can be confirmed:

  • CV/Application Form - whichever document you applied to the job with;
  • Job Description - a detailed description (or advert) of the role you have applied for (a website link will not suffice).
  • a non-TCD email address that we can contact you at on MS Teams

Is there a fee?

There is a non-refundable fee of €10.00 paid by cash - all charges are currently suspended during the COVID-19 Emergency

More information on practice interviews is available on MyCareer Events:

Practice interviews on MyCareer


The Careers Service also offers graduates the opportunity to practice interviews with video interviewing software. See more in the 'Online Tools' section below

Please see our 'Policy on Services to Graduates' below for more details.

CV and LinkedIn profile clinic

Recent graduates can avail of CV Clinics until the end of August (extended from end of June) in the year following your course ending. Please see our 'Policy on Services to Graduates' below.

In these clinics you can reserve a bookable slot using MyCareer.

A team of PhD students, who are fully trained CV Reviewers, offer a weekly clinic to review your CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile. This is a 15 minute meeting with a CV Reviewer who will review one document and give you feedback. This service is ideal if you want a quick general review of the layout and content of one of these documents and tips on how to target your CV for specific roles. Usage is restricted to once a month during busy periods.

During the COVID-19 period CV/LinkedIn clinics are being delivered remotely to graduates with Zoom. Please see here for information. Graduates will need to provide an email address at the time of booking, and will need to check that email to get the link to join the session.

Important: During this time of year there is a high demand for our CV Clinics with many students on our waiting list. We would ask that if you can no longer attend your booked slot that you cancel it on MyCareer with as much notice as possible to give another student the chance to avail of this slot.

As we limit CV Clinic bookings to one per month, if you miss your booked slot you will be unable to book into another clinic for the next 28 days.

For careers and sector specific advice book a Recent Graduate Appointment.


Online Tools

Trinity graduates can access exclusive online tools such as:

Profiling for Success

Profiling for Success is a series of online psychometric tests that can help you learn more about yourself and your strengths, which will help you make informed career and personal choices.

Assessments available through Profiling for Success are

  • Values based Indicator of Motivation
  • Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI) personality type questionnaire
  • EI Questionnaire Plus
  • Career Interests Inventory
  • Numerical Reasoning Skills Test (Aptitude Test)
  • Verbal Reasoning Skills Test (Aptitude Test)
  • Abstract Reasoning Skills Test (Aptitude Test)
  • Learning Styles Indicator questionnaire

Before you take the test you should read our Profiling for Success summary and watch the video below.

Find the link to Profiling for Success in the ‘Resources’ section on your MyCareer dashboard.

MyCareer Dashboard


Formerly known as, the Firsthand career engagement platform empowers career seekers by providing you with powerful insights, unique resources, and impactful relationships so that you can discover your best next step.

  • COMPANY RANKINGS & PROFILES, including insider information on where people really love to work
  • JOBS & INTERNSHIPS, including ones you won’t find anywhere else
  • CAREER GUIDES & ADVICE, like interviewing and networking tips
  • EXCLUSIVE EVENTS, like career fairs, where you can meet and interview with employers you want to work with & more

You will need to create an account with your email to use this resource

Firsthand is available from the 'Resources' section on MyCareer

Access Firsthand


Devex is the go to portal for International Development. The tool aims to connect and inform the community, those working and those with an interest, on funding and career opportunities while also opening up discussions on development, health, humanitarian & sustainability issues. It uses news, business intelligence and community involvement to share knowledge and link participants.

Find the link to Devex in the ‘Resources’ section on your MyCareer dashboard.

MyCareer Dashboard

As a Trinity graduate you have exclusive access to video interviewing software. This allows you to practice the type of pre-recorded, one-way video interviews that employers are increasingly using as a screening method, before inviting candidates to a live interview.

Whether you are applying to be an accountant or a zoologist, the opportunity to enhance your interview performance is now at your fingertips!

What is recorded video interviewing?

The key feature of a recorded video interview is that the interviewer is not present at the time of interview, and the process is automated. Typically, candidates are sent a link to the video interview with instructions to complete their recording before a deadline. The recruiter will have loaded questions into the system, and candidates record their answers to each one in sequence. Recorded interviews are then sent to the recruiter, who reviews the interview.

What kind of questions will I be asked?

Video interviews are short, and comprise of 5-7 questions. The questions will be competency based, and aim to understand your soft skills only. Examples of competencies tested might include Teamwork, Analytical Thinking, and Communication. Questions that explore your industry or technical knowledge, or previous work experience, are typically asked in later (live) interview rounds.

Why is the leading platform used by graduate employers. work alongside industry professionals to ensure that the competency-based questions within each interview reflect the skills assessed by employers in each sector.

How does work?

You will select your preferred interview from the interview library and enter your contact details. A link to the video interview is emailed to you. You may complete each interview in the library only once.

After a short introduction, you move through to the questions. With you have the opportunity to replay your video response and, if you are not satisfied with your attempt, to record a new answer. You can do this several times. The marking criteria is provided to you after each question, so you can evaluate how you did. Tips and feedback on your overall interview performance is provided by the system.

How do I get started?

Find the link to in the ‘Resources’ section on your MyCareer dashboard.

MyCareer Dashboard

All charges are currently suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Careers fairs

The Careers Service has developed great relationships with organisations within various industries and links students and graduates with employers at the Employer Fair. You can get information about job opportunities, career perspectives and get a first-hand experience from talking to top employers. Employer Fairs are tailored to specific industries and you are welcome to attend a fair of your interest.

Login to / Register with MyCareer to view upcoming events

Graduate Outcomes Survey 2021

Trinity participates in the HEA’s annual Graduate Outcomes Survey which provides an essential source of information on graduate transitions into the labour market and further study in Ireland. This survey collects data from graduates approximately nine months after graduation in relation to the main activities that the graduate is engaged and their experience of higher education. The HEA uses this data for fact-based statistical analysis to help understand the real needs that higher education should meet to promote equality of opportunity to higher education and to assist the government in developing future higher education policies and investment. Trinity also uses this data for statistical analysis, reporting and planning purposes.

A link to the online survey has been sent by Trinity to the relevant cohort of Trinity graduates in the April following graduation (9 months). This will be followed by a telephone survey of those graduates who have not completed the online survey.

The HEA’s Student Data Collection Notice for 2020/21 is provided here and further information on the HEA’s data protection policies can be found at

Details of Trinity’s data protection policy can be found at

Policy on Services to Graduates

  • Recent graduates can continue to avail of all services including one-to-one appointments and practice interviews. These can be booked until the end of August (extended from end of June) in the year following your course ending.
  • Graduates of over 1 year can continue to avail of all services except book an appointment or practice interview. Those seeking these services can refer to the Institute of Guidance Counsellors for a list of private practitioners.