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Develop your skills

Your learning during your time in college doesn’t end once you leave the classroom. Taking part in and reflecting on co- and extra-activities can also play an important role in your career development. You will learn new skills as well as gaining an insight into what you like and don’t like doing, which can provide important clues when you are trying to figure out what career you might like to pursue.   In addition, employers do not look at grades alone when they recruit. They value graduates with a diversity of experience and skills, and expect graduates to bring a rich portfolio of competencies to their organisation. Getting involved in activities in addition to your studies can help you stand out in the hiring process and can provide great evidence of your skills and abilities.

Activities which help you explore your interests and develop skills include taking part in Trinity clubs and societies, participating in mentoring programmes where you can get advice from Trinity alumni, developing your own business idea or undertaking internships. It might seem like everyone goes straight from their studies into a job, but that’s not always the case. Taking time out to travel, to explore different career options, or just to have some time to figure things out, can be a good option.