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Laidlaw Scholars at Trinity

Our past and current Laidlaw Scholars at Trinity are happy to chat informally to students applying to the programme about their experience. If you you would like to connect with a current Scholar whose area of study is similar to your own just send us an email and we can put you in touch with them!

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Laidlaw Scholars at Trinity

2021 Laidlaw Scholars

  Laidlaw Scholar Programme Research Project Title Supervisor

Rucha Benare



Bioengineering Development of a physiologically relevant osteocytic network in vitro to model bone (patho)physiology Dr David Hoey / Dr Karl Lewis

Freya Coogan


Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures Conflicting Feminist Approaches to Personal Status Reform in Lebanon: Civil Society, Mobilization and Sectarianism Dr Idriss Jebari

Sinead Cummins


Medicine The Innate and Adaptive T cell Response to SARS-CoV-2 Dr Derek Doherty
Georgia Dillon Law The Impact of the Inability to Access Period Products on the Irish Educational Experience Dr Ann Nolan
Aoife Donohoe Chemical Sciences The Development of Natural Sustainable Materials for CO2 Capture Dr Wolfgang Schmitt
Julie Dory English Literature and German Paradoxical Feminism: Interrogating Internal Misogyny and Female Self-Loathing in the Literature of Margaret Atwood Dr Bernice Murphy
Hugh Gallagher Law and Political Science The Myth of the Nomad in Irish Land Law Dr Rachael Walsh
Kyle Ginsberg Sociology and English Literature How did the digital LGBTQ+ community use nostalgia and social media to cope during the Covid-19 pandemic? Dr Anne Holohan
William Grugan Middle Eastern EU Languages Cultures (Columbia) A Comparative Study of the Imperial Linguistic and Cultural Impact in Three Postcolonial Regions Dr Tylor Brand
Tom Hegarty Political Science and Geography No Sense of Home: A Holistic Study into the Primary Causes of Homelessness in Ireland & the Policy Approaches Taken to Tackle Them Dr Cian O'Callaghan
Sarah Joyce Theoretical Physics Lattice stretching and depletion of electrons - when is it possible for perfectly ordered simple metals to become ferromagnetic? Dr David O'Regan
Eimear Kearins Economical and Political Science An Investigation in the Role of Trade Ties in Minority Language Decline: A Case Study of 19th Century Ireland Dr Ronan Lyons
Joe Linogao Engineering with Management Automated Procedure for the Microbial Analysis of Contact Plates Dr Conor McGinn
Mairead Maguire History and Political Science Class Conflict and Setting: The Role of University Settings in Understanding Class Dynamics Dr Rosie Lavan
Jessica Mahon Biological and Biomedical The role of immunogenetics in amphibian susceptibility to chytridiomycosis Dr Aoife McLysaght
Lucas Maughan Pharmacy Tips for Improving Disposal of Your Unused Pills & Potions Safely (TIDY-UPS) Dr Tamasine Grimes/ Dr Sam Cromie
Maseng Moumakwa Medicine An exploratory study into the differential treatment towards ethnic minority pregnant women and new mothers in Irish maternity hospitals Dr Daniel Faas
Laoise Murray Law Property Rights and the Constitutional Value of the Marital Family in the Irish Welfare State Dr Rachael Walsh
Éamon Ó Catháin Biological and Biomedical Sciences A quantitative survey of the organic carbon content of an Irish salt marsh Dr Robin Edwards
Michael Officer Biological and Biomedical Sciences Understanding transmission of avian influenza to farmed poultry: Roles of biosecurity measures, wildlife interaction and ecological factors Dr Celia Holland
Jamie Palmer Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Development of a prototype, desktop vapour compression distillation device to remove poisonous metals from contaminated drinking water supplies, for application in the developing world Dr Séamus O'Shaughnessy
Sara Rahmani Psychology The influence of demographic factors on mental health treatment outcomes: An explorative study Dr Claire Gillian
Conor Ryan Theoretical Physics Computational Study of Dipolar Noise in Molecular Spin Qubits Dr Alessandro Lunghi
Isabella Stein Pharmacy Ionic liquids: A novel green approach to the development of anti-inflammatory drugs Dr Lidia Tajber
Sophia Tierney Psychology COVID and the Classroom: An Investigation of how Special Needs Childrens’ Social and Cognitive Development has Been Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ireland Dr Lorraine Swords

2020 Laidlaw Scholars

  Laidlaw Scholar Programme Research Project Title Supervisor
Jin Zhe Ang Medicine An investigation of environmental and genetic risk factors for comorbid psychiatric disorders in autistic patients. Dr Louise Gallagher
Jason Basquill Theoretical Physics Use of boundary element methods for wireless radio wave propagation modelling Dr Kirk M.Soodhalter
Shane Coleman Macken TSM English Literature and History Playing Sexuality: The Role of Contemporary Drama in Diversifying Understandings of Queer Identities. Dr Philip Coleman
Dylan Cuskelly Physical Sciences Inkjet printing of novel nanoparticle conductive inks for improving silicon solar cell performance. Dr David McCloskey
Ceola Daly TSM Drama Studies and English Literature "The Woman in the Scene": Engendering Language in Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus' Dr Andrew Murphy
Xiaolou Feng Drama and Theatre Studies Game Theatre and Its Application in Theatre Education for Young People in Classroom Dr Sarah Jane Scaife
Gabrielle Fullam PPES Ticking the ‘Other’ Category: A Study Into the Insufficient Categorisation of Mixed-Race Identity Dr Elaine Moriarty
Beverly Genockey Biological and Biomedical Sciences Exploring the Suitability of Abundant Plant Species in Urban Areas for Use as Nature-based Solutions. Dr Marcus Collier
Janina Knörzer History Understanding end time scenarios as a tool of political agitation: Historical perspectives, environmental humanities’ dimensions and implications for today’s political education Dr Katja Bruisch
Sinéad McAteer Midwifery An Investigation into the need for Birth Reflection Clinics in the Irish Maternity Services as an aid to recovery after birth trauma Dr Déirdre Daly
Ben McConkey PPES Domination of Healthcare Policy as a tool of the Autocrat – A case study of President Jammeh’s HIV treatment programme in The Gambia Dr Michelle D'Arcy
Michael Mitchell Theoretical Physics Real-time Non-local Electron Microscopy Image Denoising by Adaptive Random Patch Fusion Dr Lewys Jones
Claire Morgan-Busher TSM Ancient History and Archaeology and Latin Nestor’s Cup in context; combining archaeological and literary approaches to place an inscription and an artefact into its wider social context in the Greek world of the 8th Century BC. Dr Shane Wallace
Harry O'Brien Management Science and Information System Studies How will climate change impact coastal communities in Ireland? A study of southern coastal communities Dr Susan Murphy / Dr Paula Roberts
Aminata Roth Business Economics and Social Studies Learning from other jurisdictions to improve EU lobbying regulation Dr Raj Chari
Ana Sainz de Murieta Theoretical Physics Constraining the origin of dark energy through measurements of exploding stars Dr Kate Maguire
Mia Sherry TSM English Literature and Film Studies Mothers of Nationality: A study of the cinematic function of ‘home’ in contemporary Lebanese cinema Dr Ruth Barton
Lucija Sili Pharmacy (Integrated) The Development of Drug Delivery Systems to Treat Pulmonary Disease States Associated with Excess Mucus Dr Anne Marie Healy
Jennifer Waters TSM History and Philosophy Develop a Descriptive Case Study of the Progression and Impact of 'Scientific Expert Testimony' in a Court of Criminal Law Dr Daniel Geary

2019 Laidlaw Scholars

  Laidlaw Scholar Programme Research Project Title Supervisor

Bidemi Afolabi


An Assessment of the Efficacious Role of cannabinoids in an in vitro Cell-Based Model of Cachexia

Dr Richard Porter

Alexandra Bodor


The impact of being a second generation immigrant and having a different cultural background to the country you are living in, on young people’s understanding of mental health

Dr David Ralph and Dr Charlotte Wilson

Damien Doherty


The effect of a maternal ketogenic diet on foetal brain development

Dr Denis Barry

Jack Doherty

TSM Mathematics and Music

Mathematics for the Ears: An Explanation of the Hidden Mathematical Structures in Post-Tonal Music

Dr Sergey Mozgovoy

Deirdre Donohue


Moving to, and Growing Up in, Ireland: Immigrant children’s experience of early life stress, supportive relationships, and long-term psychological wellbeing

Dr Lorraine Swords

Lile Donohue


Improving Ireland's Recycling System: A Comparative Analysis of Welsh and Irish Waste Management

Dr Anna Davies

Kate Duggan

Human Genetics

A multi-model approach to the action of the Bcr-Abl kinase and imatinib resistance in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML)

Dr Adrian Bracken

Ciara Finan

Nanoscience Physics and Chemistry of Adv. Materials

Observing Carbon Dioxide Reduction at Single Enzymes

Dr Kim McKelvey

Filip Grajkowski

Nanoscience Physics and Chemistry of Adv. Materials

Polydopamine-functionalised electrodes: fabricating tailored materials for cathodic processes with applications for a sustainable energy economy

Dr Paula Colavita

Alannah Grealy


Can the Cingulum get you down? A study into the cingulum bundle's more outré deviations and their involvement in depression

Dr Veronica O'Keane

Daniel Hall

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

An investigation into the material properties of various polymers for the purposes of filling tram tracks for cyclist

Dr Ciaran Simms

Zahar Hryniv


From ISDS to MIC: The Underlying Factors Behind the EU Establishing a New Model for Investor-State Relations

Dr William Phelan

Aoife Kearins


Applying mathematical insights on transient dynamics to ecology, what can we learn about how plant populations respond to disturbance in a changing world?

Dr Kirk Soodhalter

Ellen McGrady Hogan


Does intense physical exercise (e.g. gymnastics) have a notable effect on the genetic potential for the onset of puberty in pre-adolescent children? If so, how does this differ between males and females?

Dr Louise Gallagher

Claire McNamara

Computer Science

An interaction tool for clinical researchers to analyse Linked (RDF) Data

Dr Declan O’Sullivan

Amy Monahan

Nanoscience Physics and Chemistry of Adv. Materials

Using Microcantilevers with Bio-Functionalised Surfaces for Malaria Vaccine Diagnosis

Dr Martin Hegner

Anurag Nasa


An investigation of the efferent pathways of the amygdala in Major Depressive Disorder using high resolution, multimodal MRI

Dr Erik O’Hanlon

Jean O'Brien

Theoretical Physics

Microplastics and Nanoplastics in the Environment: Investigating Microplastics Down to the Nanoscale

Dr Rachel Kavanagh and Dr Lewys Jones

Camilla Persello


An investigation into the application of Frankfurt-cases as an alternative approach to the problem of freedom of time-travelling agents

Dr Alison Fernandes

Gráinne Sexton

TSM English Literature and History

‘Tear down this wall’: Borders and boundaries in the Native American literature of Leslie Marmon Silko

Dr Philip Coleman

Jack Synnott

Law and Political Science

The Constitution as a Tool of Oppression: A Comparative Analysis of Constitutional Impacts on Property Rights and Social Justice

Dr David Kenny

Roisin Winters


Exploring the benefits of exercise for the brain: the role of inflammation

Dr Áine Kelly

2018 Laidlaw Scholars

  Laidlaw Scholar Programme Research Project Title Supervisor

Andrew Cleary



Theoretical Physics

Leaking Exoplanets: Understanding how Stars affect Atmospheric Escape in Exoplanets

Professor Aline Vidotto

Aaron (Chee Cheng)


Impact of the antioxidant vitamin ergothioneine on the development of idiopathic pulmonary

Dr Carsten Ehrhardt

Colin Wilburn


Waste Heat Harvesting Using Thermally Charged Capacitors

Professor David McCloskey

Conor Fitzmaurice


Advances in Nanotherapy in Dermatology

Professor Alan Irvine

Deirdre Power

English Studies

Ireland's Empowered Girls: The Pollard Collection of Children's Books and its Contemporary

Dr Jane Carroll

Elle Loughran


The impact of codon usage on gene expression variation in human copy number variants and

Professor Aoife McLysaght

Kate Johnston


Comparison of patient experiences of chronic arthropathy in severe haemophilia before and
after the switch over to extended half-life factor VIII and factor IX concentrates

Dr Niamh O’ Connell

Luke Fehily


Atom-by-atom structural characterization of nano-materials using aberration-corrected
electron microscopy

Professor Valeria Nicolosi

Mollie O’Neill


Investigating the potential of resveratrol synthase inhibition in management of Japanese

Dr Joanna McGouran

Philip Smyth


Characteristics of patients presenting with traumatic brain injuries to an urban university
department of emergency medicine

Dr Geraldine McMahon

Robert Clampett


Helium Ion Beam Defects in the Creation of Silicon Waveguides

Professor David McCloskey/ Professor Hongzhou
Zhang/Professor James Lunney

Robert Power


Examining the characteristics and germline mutations of upper gastrointestinal cancers in the
Irish population

Professor Maeve Lowery

Samuel Bateman

Theoretical Physics

Helium-Ion microscopy of tumour cell-platelet interactions

Professor Hongzhou Zhang/Professor Maria Santos-

Sarah Honan


Justice After Destruction? Legal Avenues and Obstacles for Prosecution of the Yazidi Genocide

Professor Rosemary Byrne

Seán McMahon


The synthesis of electromechanical strain sensors based on graphene/polymer nano-
composites: Measuring the cyclical defection of bike frames for performance analysis

Professor Jonathan Coleman

Seán O’Neill


The value of outcomes: the intersection of Population and Animal Ethics

Dr Kenneth Pearce

Stefan Nixon

Theoretical Physics

Luminous Supernovae across the Universe

Professor Jose Groh

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