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Profiling for Success

Profiling for Success is a series of online psychometric tests that can help you learn more about yourself and your strengths, which will help you to make informed career and personal choices.  

Assessments available through Profiling for Success are

  • Values based Indicator of Motivation
    Values define a person; they form a crucial part of our sense of identity and give insight into our fundamental motivations - the things that matter to us most. A report will be generated that identifies 4 areas and 24 scales of different possible values and motivations. The report also helps you to interpret these values and compares your ranking to that of other people.

  • Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI) personality type questionnaire
    The TDI will generate a career report identifying your own preferred behaviour/ways of interacting with others and some fundamental ways in which you differ from other people.  It will also contain some suggested areas for personal development.

  • EI Questionnaire Plus
    This questionnaire assesses you in relation to a number of areas related to social and emotional functioning.

  • Career Interests Inventory
    The Career Interests Inventory will help you to understand more about your interests and the kinds of work that may be suitable for you.

  • Numerical Reasoning Skills Test (Aptitude Test)

  • Verbal Reasoning Skills Test (Aptitude Test)

  • Abstract Reasoning Skills Test (Aptitude Test)

  • Learning Styles Indicator questionnaire 
    This assessment identifies fundamental differences in the way people think, communicate and learn. A report will be generated with feedback on your own learning style and some suggestions on how to develop your effectiveness as a learner. This could be helpful to you in planning your personal development.

The aptitude tests will give you some information on your abilities in areas which many recruiters consider to be important in graduate jobs.  Taking these tests will enable you to practice the kinds of tests which are often used in the selection process and to receive feedback on how to improve your performance.

Before you take the test you should read our Profiling for Success summary.

You will need a Trinity username and password to access the assessments.