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Campaign Weeks

We are excited to invite industry professionals to participate in our Campaign Weeks, where we aim to provide students with valuable insights into various career paths. These Campaign Weeks run for one week each and are centered around broad themes such as Global Opportunities, Careers in Sustainability, and Careers in Life Sciences. The purpose of these themes is to attract students from different disciplines, ensuring a diverse audience.

During our Campaign Weeks, we encourage industry representatives to connect with students, offering their expertise and advice within the campaign area. Our goal is to facilitate direct engagement and create meaningful interactions between students and industry professionals, inspiring them and helping them make informed career decisions.

By participating in our Campaign Weeks, industry representatives have the chance to directly engage with students, showcase their organization, and contribute to their career development. We believe that your expertise and contributions will greatly benefit our students as they explore and prepare for their future careers.

There are several engagement opportunities for companies to participate in our Campaign Weeks, such as:

Networking Event

On-campus Networking Event: We organize networking events where companies attend and have the opportunity to introduce themselves to students. This event allows for meaningful interactions and connections to be made between industry representatives and students.

Lunch and Learn

In our exclusive in-person events held at the Careers Service Info Room, companies can provide lunchtime sessions where a limited number of students (up to 10) have the opportunity to engage in a more intimate setting. This allows for in-depth discussions and personalized advice.

Pop Up Stand: Meet with Industry Representatives

Companies can set up a recruitment stand on campus during the Campaign Week, providing students with information about their organization, career opportunities, and recruitment processes.

Contact us at to let us know how you would like to get involved or submit an Event Request Form below.

Event Request Form