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Trinity Employability: Disability Inclusion Pathway

Trinity Career Service in collaboration with Trinity Disability Service are delighted to introduce the Trinity Employability: Disability Inclusion Pathway in 2021/22. This exciting new training scheme is open to students registered with the Trinity Disability Service. It focuses on offering tailored learning which will grow your soft skills and practical experience while getting you ready for future career and personal development opportunities. Participation on this Pathway will deepen student connection with available resources and aid the development of the Trinity Graduate Attributes.

There are three levels of engagement for you to choose from allowing you to tailor your participation - Level 1 (Participate), Level 2 (Complete), and Level 3 (Compete) - and each level you progress through will add to your skills and further enhance your employability through these innovative programmes.

How to apply - Using "Pathways" MyCareer

MyCareer is the Trinity Careers Service online careers platform where you can search and apply for opportunities, sign up for careers events and book sessions with your Careers Consultant.

All Disability Inclusion Pathway activity, including application, progression and assessment, will take place through the Pathways module on MyCareer. In this module you will be able to track your progress through the Award and see the steps to come, with some activities being completed by you and some by Careers Service staff.

Level 1: Extra-curricular activity with Trinity Ability co_op

Students will complete 10 hours of work with the Trinity Ability co_op. This extra-curricular activity should be completed anytime between 1st June 2021 and 28th October 2021.

The Trinity Ability co_op is a co-operative movement led by students with disabilities working towards radical inclusion on Trinity campus. The co_op will run on the project basis, in which those involved will develop an awareness project that will promote awareness and inclusion of disabled students.

Students can fill out this form to find out what role would be best suited to them based on the skills they are looking to develop. To see previous examples of awareness projects from the Trinity Ability co_op, this can be found on the Trinity Ability co_op YouTube channel.

After you have completed your 10 hours extra-curricular activity with Trinity Ability co_op, we will liaise with them to confirm you have completed the requirement. You will see this activity on the Pathway verified by 28th October

Level 1: Workshops

"Make It Count" career readiness workshop with Trinity Careers Service

Make It Count career readiness workshop with Trinity Careers Service
Friday, 29th October 2021, 9.00AM - 11.00AM (in-person, Regent House)

This workshop will include a detailed overview of the different aspects of the Trinity Employability Award and will be an opportunity to ask questions and meet other students progressing through the Award.

By participating in this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to reflect on, identify and articulate your skills and attributes, and apply critical thinking strategies to extra-curricular experiences, setting goals and reflecting on competencies and skills you develop
  • Learn the core competencies employers look for when recruiting
  • Learn how to outline your employability skills in written applications and at interview
  • Enhance your ability to use reflective practice in your academic and personal development

Workshop with Trinity Disability Service

Online Accessibility & Developing an Accessible Event
Friday, 29th October 2021, 11.30AM - 1.30PM (in-person, Regent House)

Accessibility involves designing systems to optimise access for all. Being inclusive is about giving equal access and opportunities to everyone wherever possible. The Disability Service, in partnership with the Ability Co_op will run a workshop on ‘Online Accessibility & Developing an Accessible Event’. Regardless of your area of study, this workshop will benefit all students who are seeking to learn more about how they can play a part in the creation and communication of accessible and inclusive content. Whether that is through social media, or when running events, students will learn about how they can ensure that the material they develop and communicate is accessible and inclusive of all audience members.

By participating in this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the meaning of accessibility and inclusion
  • Learn the various techniques used to deliver accessible and inclusive social media content
  • Gain an insight into the development of accessible events (both in-person and virtual events)
  • Gain practical experience with the development of accessible and inclusive events and social media content

11.30AM - 12.30PM

Accessibility & Social Media

12.00PM - 12.20PM

Practical: Developing accessible content

12.20PM - 12.30PM


12.30PM - 1.00PM

Steps for planning accessible & inclusive event

1.00PM - 1.20PM

Practical: Developing an accessible event

1.20PM - 1.30PM


Level 2 CV review

Students participating in Level 2 must complete a CV review with the Trinity Careers Service. You will have a 15 minute online meeting with one of our CV reviewers who will review your CV and give you feedback. This may involve a general review or more specific advice on tailoring your CV towards a particular career area. It is important to note that reviewers will not be able to address non-CV queries e.g. visa eligibility.

To complete this requirement, you must book into an available 'CV/Linkedin Profile Clinic' on the Events section of MyCareer anytime from 13th September 2021 and 10th November 2021..

Level 2: DS Student Development & Engagement Drop-in

You are encouraged to book a 15-minute session with Courtney Mc Grath, Trinity Ability co_op Coordinator.

Courtney is the Graduate Intern for the Trinity Disability Service until June 2022. As a person with profound hearing loss, Courtney has first-hand experience of what it is like to have a disability in higher education and has been involved in positions such as the Student's Union Officer for Students with Disabilities, and Chairperson of Trinity Sign Language society, to learn more about the obstacles students with disabilities face in university. Courtney is particularly interested in the engagement of students with disabilities with wider campus life, as it is crucial for student development and to explore interests outside of academic work.

As such, Courtney would love to speak to you about how you too can develop skills and experience through extracurricular activities as a student with a disability in Trinity College. Whether it is getting involved in the Student’s Union or becoming a disability advocate outside of college through various activities, Courtney will be able to talk you through what is available to you now as a student of Trinity.

The drop-in is held weekly every Friday between 12-1pm and can be booked here.

Attendance at this drop-in session is an optional requirement of Level 2 of this Pathway.

Level 2: Reflective assessment

Students participating in Level 2 must complete a reflective assessment based on the Trinity Graduate Attributes. The aim of this assessment is to enable you to articulate your development with a focus on how you achieved this by engaging with the Award.

Your overall submission should:

  • Creatively demonstrate the learning described through a related image
  • Reflect on your experience of these attributes over the course of the Award
  • Illustrate your development of the Trinity Graduate Attributes

Submission guidelines

To complete this assessment you must:

  1. Submit an image that you feel represents development of a Trinity Graduate Attribute while you were participating in the Award (this can include workshops, your extra-curricular experiences, or other learning) alongside a paragraph of description to give context to the image (100 words maximum)
  2. Complete and submit the Trinity Guided Reflection Tool reflecting on your development of the Trinity Graduate Attributes while participating in the Award. You can focus on whichever aspect of the award programme you feel there has been most development for you e.g. Make It Count workshop, employer workshop, extra-curricular activity, etc.

Criteria for image and description

You can consider the following questions as a starting point for your submission of the image and accompanying paragraph (100 words maximum):

  • How have you achieved your chosen Trinity Graduate Attribute by participating in the Award?
  • Which aspects of the Award helped you achieve it?
  • Why is it important and what does it mean to you?
  • Why did you choose the image?
  • What do you see in it?
  • How does this image represent or synthesise your learning from the programme?
  • What does it say about you and your learning?

Your image should:

  • Creatively demonstrate the experience you have described in your written reflection
  • Be an image (photo, illustration, graphic) which you have created or a photo of you taken by a third-party which you have permission to use
  • Be created during your participation in the Award
  • Have a relevant title

Your image does not necessarily have to be of professional quality but it should be of a technical standard sufficient to display in a professional setting i.e. not blurry, well-lit, high resolution, and jpeg or png file format. Photos cannot be taken on partner employer premises or during Employability Award workshops.

Images submitted as part of this assessment may be displayed at the Trinity Employability Award final ceremony and on related websites and social media. See a selection of images submitted as part of this assessment by students above.

Examples of images submitted for the Trinity Employability Awards

Trinity Guided Reflection Tool

Students participating in Level 2 must submit the Trinity Guided Reflection Tool as part of this assessment. This tool will guide you through a reflection on your learnings gained from taking part in the Trinity Employability Award, in particular, how the experience helped you to develop each of the Trinity Graduate Attributes.

Submission guidelines

You can submit the Tool by downloading and completing the typed PDF form. Alternatively, you can answer the prompts in the Tool in an alternative format, e.g. by uploading an audio recording, submitting a Microsoft Sway story, or an equivalent representation. Please contact if you have any submission queries.

Level 3: Practice video interview

Students participating in Level 3 and submit a practice video interview. This can be done at any time between the start of the semester and the submission date for Level 3 specified in the Award timeline

As a Trinity student you have exclusive access to video interviewing software. This allows you to practice the type of pre-recorded, one-way video interviews that employers are increasingly using as a screening method, before inviting candidates to a live interview.

Submission guidelines

  1. Log onto
  2. Select your preferred interview from the interview library
  3. Enter your contact details
  4. A link to the video interview is emailed to you
  5. Click on the link in your email from and complete your video interview
  6. When you have finished your interview a confirmation email will be sent to you
  7. Take a screenshot or save a copy of this confirmation email (example image below)
  8. Make sure your screenshot contains sender, receiver and date information, as in the example image below, otherwise it will be not be accepted
  9. Upload this screenshot to the 'Online Practice Video' activity on Level 3 of the Award Pathway on MyCareer - this will validate your completion
Example of an interview completion email from

Level 3: Optional interview practice with Disability Service Director

On this Pathway, at Level 3 you also have the option of attending a one-to-one interview preparation session with Declan Treanor, Director of Trinity Disability Service. If you are interested in participating, please book a session with Declan here. When you are booking, please mention in the notes that you are a participant on the Disability Inclusion Pathway.

Level 3: Pathway partner challenge

On the Trinity Employability: Disability Inclusion Pathway you will have the opportunity to obtain an internship position with Trinity Disability Service.Please read the job descriptions below and submit cover letter and CV to

Graduate Internship Job Description (final year students only)

Summer Internship Job Description


Only final year students are eligible for the Graduate Internship position whereas the Summer Internship position is open to all years


20th September 2021

Applications open

Apply on MyCareer through the Pathway menu

23rd September 2021

1.00-2.00PM (online)

Online information session for Trinity Employability: Disability Inclusion Pathway

Book your place on MyCareer

30th September 2021, 5PM (online)

1st October 2021, 1PM (online)

Online Q&A sessions

See joining information on MyCareer

4th October 2021, 5PM

Applications close

By 6th October 2021

Applicants informed of outcome of their application

w/c 25th October 2021 (on campus)

(Reading Week)

Level 1

"Make it Count" career readiness and employability workshop (in-person) at Trinity

w/c 25th October 2021

(Reading Week)

Level 1

Pathway partner skills workshop (in-person)

More details on this event on MyCareer

By 1st November 2021, 12PM

Level 1

Complete a minimum of 10 hours extra-curricular activity with the Ability Co_op which we will verify with the Disability Service

By 10th November 2021, 5PM

Level 2

Submit reflective careers assessment via MyCareer

By 10th November 2021 (online)

Level 2

Attend a CV review session

Book an available CV clinic on MyCareer (Appointments section) anytime between 13th September and 10th November 2021

By 10th November 2021

Level 2

Attend a DS Development and Engagement drop-in session (encouraged)

Before 21st November 2021 (online)

Level 3

Online practice video interview

Complete and submit interview on anytime between 13th September and 21st November 2021

w/c 22nd November 2021

Level 3

Compete in Disability Service challenge for internship prizes

More details on MyCareer

Thursday, 2nd December 2021

1.00PM - 2.00PM

All levels

Celebration Ceremony (online)

Attendance at this event is required to celebrate all levels of participation in the Trinity Employability Award and Trinity Employability: Disability Inclusion Pathway and for presentation of certificates and prizes.

Further information

If you have any questions about the Award after reading the above material, you can send them to the Student Employability team at

You should also engage with Trinity Careers Service on social media for updates on this award and other activities: