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Trinity Employability Award

Our Award partners (Semester One 2021/22)

The Trinity Employability Award provides an invaluable opportunity to increase your career readiness by helping you articulate the Trinity Graduate Attributes you have developed as part of your academic programme, as well as through co-curricular and extra-curricular activity. Over the course of one semester, it equips you with a set of specific employability skills to help you gain a competitive edge in the workplace. The workshops and career readiness activities involved will give you the opportunity to enrich your understanding of the employment sectors and the skills valued by employers, as well as an opportunity to apply your learning to work-related situations. You will also have the opportunity to engage with our partner employers and organisations who are actively fostering innovation in their field.

There are three levels of the Award for you to choose from allowing you to choose how far you progress - Level 1 (Participate), Level 2 (Complete), and Level 3 (Compete). Each level you progress through will add to your skills and further enhance your employability through these innovative programmes.

How to apply - Using "Pathways" on MyCareer

MyCareer is the Trinity Careers Service online careers platform where you can search and apply for opportunities, sign up for careers events and book sessions with your Careers Consultant.

All Trinity Employability Award activity, including application, progression and assessment, will take place through the Pathways module on MyCareer. Once you have chosen a Pathway, you will be able to complete activities and track your progress through the Award.

Each Employability Award Pathway is open to a selected range of undergraduate programmes and disciplines. On this page you can find information on general requirements for all participating students. For additional information specific to your preferred sector, including eligibility requirements and workshop content, please see the relevant sub-page.

Employability Award Pathway application notes

  • Students can participate in one Award Pathway per semester - preference will be given to students who have not previously been offered a place
  • Visiting students are not eligible to participate in Award Pathways at this time
  • Students applying to an Award Pathway should confirm they are available to complete all mandatory activities of the Award to their preferred Level
  • The selection decision of the Trinity Careers Service is final

Trinity Employability Award model

This is an example of the general structure of a Pathway as part of the Trinity Employability Award. You can check out the Award Pathway subpages below to find out what unique opportunities are available in each sector.

Students who complete all activities in each Level will recieve a certificate to acknowledge their skills development and successful participation.

You can expand the sections below to learn more about what's involved at each Level of an Employability Award Pathway.

Level 1: Extra-curricular activities

As part of the Trinity Employability Award students must complete a minimum 10 hours of extracurricular activity and upload a reference to confirm these hours. These extracurricular activities should aim to develop and apply your Trinity Graduate Attributes outside of your academic studies. Below you can find the criteria and examples of eligible activities from previous participants.

Criteria for eligible activities

  • Your activity must be verifiable by a third-party with responsibility for the activity e.g. a supervisor, manager, team captain, instructor
  • Your activity must be outside the requirements of your core academic curriculum
  • You can combine hours from multiple activities to reach the requirement
  • The activity can be undertaken with Trinity or externally

Activities which meet the requirement include:

  • Participating on the committee of a student society which is registered with Trinity's Central Societies Committee (CSC)
  • Attending classes, training, competitions or participating on the committee of a sports club registered with Dublin University Central Athletic Club (DUCAC)
  • Volunteering with a registered charity or as part of a Trinity initiative, e.g. S2S mentoring, VDP homework club
  • Participating in Trinity's Students Union (TCDSU) e.g. as a faculty convenor or class representative
  • Participating in Enterprise activities.g. business challenge, SMF, Launchbox, Launchpad
  • Participating in student activities such as the Ability Co-op
  • Participating in an society, sports club, or activity outside of Trinity similar to those listed above as part of an official group or organisation
  • Internships which are not undertaken as part of your core academic curriculum
  • Part-time work e.g. customer service, retail or any other similar paid employment

Activities which do not meet the requirement:

  • Activities undertaken by yourself which cannot be verified by a third party referee e.g. personal exercise, online content creation, travelling
  • Activities verified by a family member who does not have an official capacity within the organisation or group with which you have undertaken the activity

Examples of eligible activities

Students participating in the Trinity Employability Award have undertaken a wide range of extracurricular activities. Examples include:

Within Trinity

  • Student society committee member or otherwise active involvement. Past participants have been involved in e.g.
    • Committee member in the Japanese Society
    • Debates convenor in the Philosophical Society
    • Tribes' Leader in the Afrocarribean Society
    • Incubator Operations in the Trinity Entreprenurial Society

  • Student sports club committee member or active participant in training activities
  • S2S Mentor/S2S Programme Officer/Treasurer - S2S Society
  • Macro analyst Trinity Student Managed Fund (SMF)
  • Committee Member - Student Society
  • Engineering lead - Formula Trinity
  • Green Campus Subcommittee member
  • DU Law Society – certified speaker series participation
  • Providing weekly grinds to Leaving Cert Maths students - Voluntary Tuition Programme (VTP)
  • Organising speakers, attending weekly meetings - European Law Students’ Association (Society)
  • Student ambassador for secondary school students on immersion course - Trinity Access Programme (TAP)
  • Class Rep/ School Convenor/ Part-time officer- TCDSU
    Global Relations Student Ambassador -International Student Experience Team, Global Relations Office

Part-time work outside of Trinity

  • Restaurant/café staff
  • Customer service/Hospitality
  • Tour guide
  • Personal tutor/Leaving Cert subject grinds
  • Online Zoom Youth Club organiser
  • Exam invigilator
  • Social media assistant/content creator
  • Section organiser - Scouts
  • Call centre operator
  • Administrative worker
  • Consulting work - Irish Student Consulting Group (ISCG)
  • Graphic design
  • Child-minding
  • Volunteering - charity shop

Education and internships (non-curriculum)

  • Research assistant for political party
  • Marketing assistant in international student department
  • COVID Interns - part-time internship as behavioural analyst
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate - Tangent
  • Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Programme

Sports outside of Trinity

  • Junior Camogie Team (Senior Level) - GAA Club
  • Secretary - Athletics Club
  • Horse riding - supervised cross-country, dressage, show-jumping
  • Player - local footbcall club
  • Sailing instructor
  • Powerlifting - competitive, supervised

Extra-curricular reference submission guidelines

To submit your reference please download the Trinity Employability Award - Level 1 Reference template and ask your referee to complete it. Upload the completed original file to the Extra-curricular activity on your Award Pathway on MyCareer. The reference provided must include all the information to be accepted. Referees may be contacted to verify your involvement.

  • If your involvement is with a society/sports club in Trinity the society chair/club captain can act as your referee
  • If you are the society chair you can contact Emma Matthews at to act as your referee
  • If you are the club captain you can contact DUCAC at to act as your referee
  • If your involvement is in the Trinity Students' Union you can contact your faculty convener or the TCDSU Education Officer to act as referee

Level 1: Employability workshops

All students participating in an Award Pathway will complete a Career readiness workshop and skills workshops with our Award partners.

"Make It Count" career readiness workshop

This workshop is facilitated by Trinity Careers Service will include a detailed overview of the different aspects of the Trinity Employability Award and will be an opportunity to ask questions and meet other students progressing through the Award.

By participating in this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to reflect on, identify and articulate your skills and attributes, and apply critical thinking strategies to extra-curricular experiences, setting goals and reflecting on competencies and skills you develop
  • Learn the core competencies employers look for when recruiting
  • Learn how to outline your employability skills in written applications and at interview
  • Enhance your ability to use reflective practice in your academic and personal development

Employer partner workshops

The workshops facilitated by our partner employers will be an opportunity to get a first hand insight into the ethos, workplace culture, and creativity of their company. Facilitated by industry experts, our partners offer workshops to develop both soft and technical skills in an exciting and innovative topic in their sector.

Level 2: CV review

Students participating in Level 2 must complete a CV review with the Trinity Careers Service. You will have a 15 minute online meeting with one of our CV reviewers who will review your CV and give you feedback. This may involve a general review or more specific advice on tailoring your CV towards a particular career area. It is important to note that reviewers will not be able to address non-CV queries e.g. visa eligibility.

To complete this requirement, you must book into an available 'CV/Linkedin Profile Clinic' on the Events section of MyCareer anytime from 13th September 2021 and 10th November 2021.

Level 2: Reflective assessment

Students participating in Level 2 must complete a reflective assessment based on the Trinity Graduate Attributes. The aim of this assessment is to enable you to articulate your development with a focus on how you achieved this by engaging with the Award.

Your overall submission should:

  • Creatively demonstrate the learning described through a related image
  • Reflect on your experience of these attributes over the course of the Award
  • Illustrate your development of the Trinity Graduate Attributes

Submission guidelines

To complete this assessment you must:

  1. Submit an image that you feel represents development of a Trinity Graduate Attribute while you were participating in the Award (this can include workshops, your extra-curricular experiences, or other learning) alongside a paragraph of description to give context to the image (100 words maximum)
  2. Complete and submit the Trinity Guided Reflection Tool reflecting on your development of the Trinity Graduate Attributes while participating in the Award. You can focus on whichever aspect of the award programme you feel there has been most development for you e.g. Make It Count workshop, employer workshop, extra-curricular activity, etc.

Criteria for image and description

You can consider the following questions as a starting point for your submission of the image and accompanying paragraph (100 words maximum):

  • How have you achieved your chosen Trinity Graduate Attribute by participating in the Award?
  • Which aspects of the Award helped you achieve it?
  • Why is it important and what does it mean to you?
  • Why did you choose the image?
  • What do you see in it?
  • How does this image represent or synthesise your learning from the programme?
  • What does it say about you and your learning?

Your image should:

  • Creatively demonstrate the experience you have described in your written reflection
  • Be an image (photo, illustration, graphic) which you have created or a photo of you taken by a third-party which you have permission to use
  • Be created during your participation in the Award
  • Have a relevant title

Your image does not necessarily have to be of professional quality but it should be of a technical standard sufficient to display in a professional setting i.e. not blurry, well-lit, high resolution, and jpeg or png file format. Photos cannot be taken on partner employer premises or during Employability Award workshops.

Images submitted as part of this assessment may be displayed at the Trinity Employability Award final ceremony and on related websites and social media. See a selection of images submitted as part of this assessment by students above.

Examples of images submitted for the Trinity Employability Awards

Trinity Guided Reflection Tool

Students participating in Level 2 must submit the Trinity Guided Reflection Tool as part of this assessment. This tool will guide you through a reflection on your learnings gained from taking part in the Trinity Employability Award, in particular, how the experience helped you to develop each of the Trinity Graduate Attributes.

Submission guidelines

You can submit the Tool by downloading and completing the typed PDF form. Alternatively, you can answer the prompts in the Tool in an alternative format, e.g. by uploading an audio recording, submitting a Microsoft Sway story, or an equivalent representation. Please contact if you have any submission queries.

Level 3: Practice video interview

Students participating in Level 3 and submit a practice video interview. This can be done at any time between the start of the semester and the submission date for Level 3 specified in the Award timeline

As a Trinity student you have exclusive access to video interviewing software. This allows you to practice the type of pre-recorded, one-way video interviews that employers are increasingly using as a screening method, before inviting candidates to a live interview.

Note: Students participating on the Social Action Pathway have the option of choosing the tailored 'Social Action Related Job' interview on or any of the others available.

Submission guidelines

  1. Log onto
  2. Select your preferred interview from the interview library
  3. Enter your contact details
  4. A link to the video interview is emailed to you
  5. Click on the link in your email from and complete your video interview
  6. When you have finished your interview a confirmation email will be sent to you
  7. Take a screenshot or save a copy of this confirmation email (example image below)
  8. Make sure your screenshot contains sender, receiver and date information, as in the example image below, otherwise it will be not be accepted
  9. Upload this screenshot to the 'Online Practice Video' activity on Level 3 of the Award Pathway on MyCareer - this will validate your completion
Example of an interview completion email from

Level 3: Employer challenge

Each employer partner offers a challenge for students who have reached Level 3 of the Award. This challenge may include making a presentation, submitting a written assessment, or applying and interviewing for an internship position. All students who participate, and complete all other Award requirements, will gain skills and experience, in addition to receiving a Level 3 certificate. There will also be overall winners for each Level 3 challenge who will recieve an employer prize, which may include a work-based opportunity such as an internship, or a cash prize.

Award timeline

20th September 2021

Applications open

Apply on MyCareer by selecting your chosen Award through the Pathway menu on the dashboard

22nd September 2021

1.00-2.00PM (online)

Online information session for the Trinity Employability Award pathways (Social Action: Migration, Pharma, and Intel)

Book your place on MyCareer

30th September 2021, 5PM (online)


1st October 2021, 1PM (online)

Online informal drop-in Q&A sessions

See joining information on MyCareer

See joining information on MyCareer

4th October 2021, 5PM

Applications close

By 6th October 2021

Applicants informed of outcome of their application

w/c 25th October 2021

(Reading Week)

Level 1

"Make it Count" career readiness workshop (in-person) on Trinity main campus

w/c 25th October 2021 (online/in-person)

(Reading Week)

Level 1

Employer-led skills workshops (online or in-person, depending on employer)

More details on these events on MyCareer

By 28th October 2021, 12PM

Level 1

Submit a reference via your Award Pathway in MyCareer for 10 hours of extra-curricular activity completed between 1st June 2021 and 28th October 2021

By 10th November 2021, 5PM

Level 2

Submit reflective careers assessment via your Award Pathway in MyCareer

By 10th November 2021 (online)

Level 2

Attend a CV review session

Book and attend an available 'CV/LinkedIn Profile Clinic' clinic on MyCareer (Appointments section) anytime between 13th September and 10th November 2021

Before 21st November 2021 (online)

Level 3

Online practice video interview

Complete and submit interview on anytime between 13th September and 21st November 2021

w/c 22nd November 2021 (online/in-person)

Level 3

Compete in an employer led challenge (online and in-person, depending on employer)

Further details available on MyCareer in the Pathways menu

Thursday, 2nd December

1.00PM - 2.00PM

All levels

Celebration Ceremony (online)

Attendance at this event is required to celebrate all levels of participation in the Trinity Employability Award and Trinity Employability: Disability Inclusion Pathway and for presentation of certificates and prizes.

Trinity Employability Award Pathways 2021/22

The Trinity Employability Award has a range of Award Pathways available, each run in partnership with a sector-specific employer or organisation. Our partner organisations offer tailored skills workshops at Level 1 of the Award and a related employer challenge at Level 3 of the Award. Click on the links below for more information on these Pathways.

Semester 1 - September to November 2021

Semester 2 - 2022

Trinity Employability Award - Professional Services Pathway in partnership with Deloitte, EY and PwC

Previous Winners of the Trinity Employability Award

You can find details below on all the overall winners of the Trinity Employability Awards.


Winning Student Programme Trinity Employability Award Partner Employer
Ryan Penrose Biochemistry Pharma Pathway MSD Dunboyne Biologics
Pulkit Agarwal Computer Engineering Digital Health (Medical Devices) Pathway Neuromod
Linette Hartzell Bioengineering Digital Health (Medical Devices) Pathway Neuromod
Lile Donohue Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology Single Pathway Social Action (Migration) Pathway Irish Refugee Council
Elena Stotts-Lee Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology Single Pathway Social Action (Migration) Pathway Irish Refugee Council
Sierra Mueller-Owens Law and Political Science Joint Pathway Social Action (Migration) Pathway IOM - The UN Agency
Cillian Diskin Law and Business Joint Pathway Professional Services Pathway PwC
Conall Roe Economic and Social Studies Professional Services Pathway EY
Stephen Ennis Economic and Social Studies Professional Services Pathway Deloitte


Winning Student Programme Trinity Employability Award Partner Employer
Shreya Pattar TSM English Literature and Philosophy Professional Services Pathway KPMG
Orla Hughes Law Single Pathway Professional Services Pathway EY
Suzanne Dias Law and Business Joint Pathway Professional Services Pathway PwC
Oisín Horgan Global Business Professional Services Pathway Deloitte
Liew Chee Foong Pharmacy - Integrated Pharma Pathway Takeda
Aghogho Atiyota Pharmacy - Integrated Pharma Pathway Pfizer
Deirdre Donohue Psychology Single Pathway Trinity Employability Award in partnership with Intel Intel
Peter Herbert Physics Single Pathway Trinity Employability Award in partnership with Intel Intel


Winning Student Programme Trinity Employability Award Partner Employer
Eoin Caffrey Nanoscience - Physics & Chemistry of Advanced Materials Trinity Employability Award in partnership with Intel Intel
Dawn Kelly Nanoscience - Physics & Chemistry of Advanced Materials Trinity Employability Award in partnership with Intel Intel
Jamison Engels Computer Science and Business Professional Services Pathway Deloitte
Maebh Ni Ghuairim Law and Political Science Professional Services Pathway PwC
Mark Finn Economics and Political Science Professional Services Pathway EY
Deirdre Donohue Psychology Professional Services Pathway KPMG


Winning Student Programme Trinity Employability Award Partner Employer
Anastasiia Shandra Nanoscience - Physics & Chemistry of Advanced Materials Trinity Employability Award in partnership with Intel Intel
Sean Mok Nanoscience - Physics & Chemistry of Advanced Materials Trinity Employability Award in partnership with Intel Intel


Winning Student Programme Trinity Employability Award Partner Employer
Rebecca Kelly Nanoscience - Physics & Chemistry of Advanced Materials Trinity Employability Award in partnership with Intel Intel
Dale Chen Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Trinity Employability Award in partnership with Intel Intel

Further information

If you have any questions about the Award after reading the above material, you can send them by email to

You should also engage with Trinity Careers Service on social media for updates on this Award and our other activities.