Entrepreneurship of Smart Medicines (M.Sc.)

1 year full-time


A new Masters course in "Smart Medicines (SME)", will be offered to entrepreneurs, business sector specialists, venture consultants and professionals.

Specifically, 12 x 5 ECTS Taught Modules with an additional 30 ECTS Research Project will create a MSc degree (90 ECTS), with an exit postgraduate diploma of 60 ECTS created by the 12 x 5 ECTS Taught Modules. The modules include:

Cellular Modules
•    M01: Biology for the Entrepreneur
•    M02: Scientific Transformation of an Entrepreneur

Disease Modules
•    M03: Disease Indications & the Market I
•    M04: Disease Indications & the Market II

Drug Development Modules
•    M05: Drug Development - The classics of large Pharma
•    M06: Drug Development - Innovators and Disruptors

Clinical Development Modules
•    M07: Clinical Development
•    M08: Regulators and Manufacturers
•    M09: Medical Devices & Biopharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Commercialisation Modules
•    M10: Product & Company Licensing, Mergers & Valuations
•    M11: Enterprise Development – Start-ups
•    M12: Enterprise Development – IP and Leadership

Research Project
•    M13: Research Project (30 ECTS)

Student will be full time and complete all 90 ECTS in one year.

Overall, this course is designed to provide a new language to those coming from a non-biology background in drug discovery and pharmaceutical development. The course is also designed to provide a language of business and commercialisation to those who are knowledgeable in the area of biology. This course trains, converts and upskills the "biologist-to-business" and "business-to-biologist". It provides training in the area of drug development, biotech, pharma and commercialisation.

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Career Opportunities 

Designed to bridge the gap between business and biology, this course trains, converts and upskills the "biologist-to-business" and "business-to-biologist", opening the door to careers in drug development, biotech, pharma and commercialisation.

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Course Details

Next Intake

September 2023

Course Director

Prof Kumlesh K. Dev

Closing Date

31st July 2023

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Admission Requirements

Applicants will be expected to have an Honors Bachelor degree at 2.1 or above. Applicants should have a primary degree in science (e.g. cell biology, immunology, neuroscience, pharmacology, physiology), health sciences (e.g. medicine, nursing, allied health) and/or business (e.g. entrepreneurs, business specialists, venture consultants). Applicants with other primary degrees will be considered. Other applicants without a primary degree may be considered by the Dean of Graduate Studies in exceptional circumstanced based on workplace experience.

Course Fees

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