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Global Challenges for Sustainability (Charm EU) (M.Sc.)

 18 Months Full-Time ; 20 in TCD places

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Course Director

Professor Catherine Comiskey


Course Description

The CHARM-EU Master’s in Global Challenges for Sustainability, commencing in 2021, offers a unique international learning opportunity. CHARM-EU students will have the chance to address the pressing need for sustainability in a transdisciplinary and challenge-based environment. This international programme will employ innovative pedagogical approaches and mechanisms to engage staff and students of diverse backgrounds and disciplines to facilitate, foster and enhance the links between education, research and innovation. Furthermore, active engagement with CHARM-EU’s extended network of academic experts and extra-academic actors (i.e. business, community and society), increases the potential development and employability of our graduates.

Delivered full-time over 18 months, the 90 Credits (ECTS) Master’s is comprised of a 30 Credit Preparatory Phase modules on sustainability, social innovation and transdisciplinary research; a 30 Credit Flexible Phase transdisciplinary modules related to Water, Food or Life and Health; and a 30 Credit Capstone on a sustainability challenge in collaboration with extra academic actors. This overall structure will attract high quality graduates from diverse relevant backgrounds who intend to work in sustainable policy and communication roles, social innovation and action either within existing companies (intrapreneurship) or via generation of new enterprises (entrepreneurship), and academic research in this area.
The delivery of the course will incorporate flexible, blended and hybrid formats.

The Master’s degree is accredited and jointly awarded by the five CHARM-EU partner universities: University of Barcelona, Trinity College Dublin, Utrecht University, Eötvös Loránd University and University of Montpellier.

To apply for admission to the programme, applicants must complete the relevant forms and upload the required documents via the University of Barcelona.
More information about the required documents is available at:
Please contact for inquiries or issues during the application process.

Course Details


 18 Months Full-Time

Number of Places

20 in TCD

Next Intake

September 2021

Closing Date

15th April 2021

Applicants must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree or recognised equivalent. In the case of students with a French Licence they will need an additional 30 Credits (ECTS) for admission.  
English language certification is necessary for programme admission. C1 is the required level. Students with B2 level will be considered in conjunction with other admission criteria but must attain C1 level before programme registration 

Get In Touch

Course Director

Professor Catherine Comiskey