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Genomic Medicine (M.Sc.)

1 year full-time ; 15 places

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Course Director

Professor Ross McManus (School of Medicine)

Course Description

The MSc offers a state of the art date overview of the emerging field of Genomic Medicine which is increasingly impacting on the conduct of medical practice and life science research, leading to the era of personalised medicine. The course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to generate, evaluate and apply genomic data, covering analytical, technological and biomedical aspects. Understanding the importance of genomic variation and its impact on biology, opens up the possibility of advanced diagnostics and precision treatments, as well as an improved fundamental understanding of disease mechanisms and the effects of environmental exposures. Such developments will in turn lead to further, more specific therapeutic vistas. The programme is aimed at participants from a wide range of backgrounds from basic scientists to clinicians and those involved in the pharmaceutical industry and will be offered as full time or part time options covering 60 ECTs of taught and self-directed learning and 30 ECTs as an original research project. It will include multi-disciplinary training on a wide range of topics from genomics and cell biology, to analytical techniques and medical applications catering from basic to advanced levels. Optional modules will allow participants to tailor the programme to best suit their state of knowledge and professional aspirations.

Course Details


1 year full-time

Number of Places


Course Coordinator

Assistant Professor Shigeki Nakagome (School of Medicine)
Assistant Professor Russell McLaughlin (School of Genetics and Microbiology - Assistant Course Coordinator)

Next Intake

1st September 2019

Closing Date

31st July 2019

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Course Director

Professor Ross McManus (School of Medicine)