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Economic Policy

  • The evolution of offshorewealth among Visegrad Group residents, 2001-2015, Kate Devane, Senior Sophister and
    Michaela Fricova, Senior Sophister
      (PDF 172KB))
  • The Impact of Privatisation on Economic Development in China, Niall Maher, Senior Sophister  (PDF 111KB))
  • Feeling the Bern of Free Trade: Why does freetrade encounter political resistance?, Conor O’Malleyy, Senior Sophister  (PDF 126KB)

Behavioural Economics

  • Do default frames significantly alter individuals’ willingness to pay to offset carbon emissions? Evidence from a
    controlled experiment, Liam Brown, Senior Sophister, Rowan Hamilton, Senior Sophister, Yannik Obelöer, Senior Sophister and John Walsh, Senior Sophister (PDF 541KB)

European Economics

  • German Cage or Unsung Savior? The effect of Eurozone membership on Italy’s economy and economic policymaking, Kate Devane, Senior Sophister (PDF 137KB)
  • In support of an EU-wide unemployment insurance programmey, Cian Devine Prendergast, Senior Sophister  (PDF 328KB)

Development Economics

  • Do donor countries consider personal freedom Official Development Aid? Evidence from a Panel Analysis, Yannik Obelöer, Senior Sophister (PDF 541KB)
  • Credit, Consensus & Confusion, Cillian Bissett, Senior Sophister (PDF 541KB)

History of Economic Thought

  • Adam Smith and the Division of Labour: Influences, Ancient and Modern, Ciarán Mulqueen, Senior Sophister (PDF 541KB)
  • Twelve Years Left: The impact of the dominance of neoclassical economics on our ailing planet, Sarah McGuinness, Senior Sophister (PDF 541KB)

Urban Economics

  • Riding with Stabilisers: Ireland’s Macroprudential Policy, Conor Murphy, Senior Sophister and Philip Pollock, Senior Sophister (PDF 541KB)

Industrial Economics and Competition Policy

  • Evaluating the U.S Policy Tradition on Predatory Pricing, Owen Graham-O’Regan, Senior Freshman (PDF 541KB)
  • Optimal Allocation of Cartel Fines, Kai Fischer, Junior Sophister (PDF 541KB)

Economics of Financial Markets

  • Neural Networks as an Option Pricing Method, Brendan Dowling, Senior Sophister (PDF 541KB)
  • Financial Markets and Climate News: Evidence of Short-Termism?, John (Charlie) Walsh, Senior Sophister Andrew O’Riordan, Senior Sophister (PDF 541KB)
  • Volatility Analysis of Boeing and the 737 Max Crashes, Shauna Fitzmaurice, Senior Sophister and Róise McSorley, Senior Sophister (PDF 541KB)
  • An Empirical Investigation into Speculative Bubbles in Ethereum’s Price, Michaela Fricova, Senior Sophister and Jonathon McKeown, Senior Sophister, , (PDF 541KB)
  • Investigating how flucations in the USD/RMB exchange rate affect China’s debt assets denominated in US dollars, Vivien Ehle, Senior Sophister and Charlotte Cooper, Senior Sophister (PDF 541KB)