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Research Seminar Series 2012-2013

Seminars are held on Tuesdays 12.30 to 2 pm in IIIS Seminar Room, unless otherwise indicated

Seminar Organiser

Philip Lane - tel: +353 (0)1 896 2259

Date Speaker Title
5 Sept
*Wednesday, 16.30 - 18.00*
Refet Gurkaynak
'Judging the DSGE model by its forecast'
25 Sept Robert McCauley
'Risk-on/risk-off, capital flows, leverage and safe assets'
1 Oct
*Monday, 16.30 - 18.00*
Francesco Giavazzi
'The Output Effect of Fiscal Consolidations'
9 Oct
Massimo Giuliodori (University of Amsterdam)
'Spread the News: How the Crisis Affected the Impact of News on the European Sovereign Bond Markets'
16 Oct Carolina Villegas-Sanchez
'Where are the Productivity Gains from Foreign Investment? Evidence on Spillovers and Reallocation from Firms, Industries and Countries'
23 Oct

Greg Fischer (LSE)

'Culture, Individuals and the Response to Incentives'
30 Oct William Parienté (Louvain) 'Impact of microcredit in rural areas of Morocco:
Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation'
06 Nov Reading Week
13 Nov
Sam Jones
(University of Copenhagen)
“What matters for learning in East Africa? Comparing education production functions between and within countries.”
20 Nov
Friderike Niepmann
'Banking Across Borders'
27 Nov Elisa Faraglia
“The impact of debt levels and debt maturity on inflation”
4 Dec Clement Imbert
Equilibrium Distributional Impacts of Government Employment Programs: Evidence from India's Employment Guarantee
11 Dec Cancelled
15 Jan Raphael Auer (Swiss National Bank) 'What Drives Target 2 Balances? Evidence from a Panel Analysis'
22 Jan

Stephen Kinsella
(University of Limerick)

Simulating the impact of austerity on the Irish economy using a Stock-Flow Consistent model.

*23 Jan

9.00am -10.30am

Charles Wyplosz (Geneva)

Eurozone Crisis: It's About Public Debts, not Competitiveness.

29 Jan Vincent Sterk
(University College London)

'Job Uncertainty and Deep Recessions'

5 Feb Valeria Di Cosmo (ESRI) The incentive to invest in thermal plants in the presence of wind generation
12 Feb Walker Hanlon
'Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Input Supplies and Directed Technical Change'
19 Feb Zsofia Barany (Sciences Po) “Job Polarization and Structural Change”
26 Feb Reading Week
5 March Mario Macis (Johns Hopkins University) 'Short-term, long-term, social, and spatial effects of incentives for pro-social behavior: micro evidence from a natural field experiment'
12 March Carol Newman (TCD)

Trade liberalization, supply chains and productivity.

19 March George Bratsiotis (Manchester) 'Financial Regulation, Credit and Liquidity Policy and the Business Cycle'
26 March Gernot Müller
Sovereign risk and macroeconomic stability in the euro area.

*27th March *

9.00am -10.30am

Jeremy Magruder

'Do Job Networks Disadvantage Women? Evidence from a recruitment experiment in Malawi'

* 25th April*

9.00am -10.30am

Michael Klein (Tufts) 'Rounding the Corners of the Policy Trilemma' (joint with Jay C. Shambaugh)

*27th May

12.00 -1.15 pm

Ila Patnaik (National Institute of Public Finance and Policy)

'Impact of Quantitative Easing in the US on emerging economies: An approach based on measuring exchange market pressure'

All seminars are joint seminars with Department of Economics & IIIS unless otherwise indicated.

** Joint seminar Dept of Economics and Department of Political Science