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How to submit

Before submitting an essay

  • Submitted essays must follow the essay template. Please familiarise yourself with the template and make sure you follow the style guidelines. Essays should be submitted in Microsoft Word format, please do not submit PDFs as you will be asked to resubmit a Microsoft Word file.
  • Read the referencing instructions. Submitted essays that do not follow these instructions will be sent back or disregarded. Please avoid the use of plagiarism. All essays will be checked via Turnitin for plagiarism.
  • Essays are marked anonymously, so do not include your name anywhere in the document itself.
  • Bear in mind that essays should, ideally, be below 2500 words, but essays of up to 3000 words may be accepted. If an essay exceeds this, it will have to be edited before being considered for publication.
  • Make sure that you have included your phone number and email address (so that we can contact you for editing purposes if necessary) and college standing (JF/SF/JS/SS/Socrates).
  • The Student Economic Review reserves the right to edit submissions for style, grammar, spelling, profanity or factual errors.

Submitting your essay

Submissions for the 2024 Student Economic Review can be submitted through the ‘Student Economic Review’ module on Blackboard. Students can self-enrol in this module as follows:

How to Register for the Module
Go to Blackboard at
Log in using your individual College network username and password
In the Module Search Box, enter – Student Economic Review
Click on the module
Click on  + Enrol at the bottom of the module menu on the left of the screen
Click OK
You may need to log out and back into Blackboard if you cannot see all the content in the module after self-enrolling

How to submit an essay
Click on SER-Module on module list on blackboard
Click on Submissions 2024 on the blue menu on the left of the screen
Submit essay through Turnitin link (essays will be checked for plagiarism)

Please contact the editorial team at if you have any technical issues or queries concerning submission

Essays are accepted from students of all years. In particular, we reserve places for a minimum of two Senior Freshman essays and five Junior Sophister essays. So, if you're in the early stages of your undergraduate degree, please consider submitting your work for consideration.

Any of you contemplating attempting the Scholarship exams this year may find the SER an ideal opportunity to try out and develop essay ideas and writing skills; such skills being a pre-requisite for success in Schols.