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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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Current Research Students

Name Supervisor Research Area
Cian Allen Prof. Vahagn Galstyan

International Macroeconomics - Wealth and Cross-border Financial Linkages

Kerri Agnew Prof. Ronan Lyons Applied Microeconomics- The impact of capital and labour inflows on house values/rents
Luciano Ayala-Cantu Prof. Carol Newman

Development Economics-The Impacts of Property Rights on Rural Development.

Tara Bedi Prof. Michael King

Development Economics - Households financial capability and access to financial services.

Katharina Bergant Prof. Augstin Benetrix International Macroeconomics - Financial Globalisation
Frank Browne Prof. Fadi Hassan and Prof. Paul Scanlon Monetary Economics – Financial Liberalisation, Money and Uncertainty
Bryan Coyne Prof. Eleanor Denny

Energy Economics - The Economics of Data Center Energy Efficiency 

Donata Faccia Prof. Augstin Benetrix

International Macroeconomics – International Financial Linkages.

Aleksandr Firanchuk Prof. Paul Scanlon

International Macroeconomics - Exchange rates and international trade

Jan-Luca Hennig Prof. Fadi Hassan International Macroeconomics - Inequality, institutions and policy
Purnima Kanther Prof. Michael King

Economic development - Financial Inclusion and Building Financial Capabilities

Margaryta Klymak Prof. Carol Newman Development Economics
Lukas Kuld Prof. John O'Hagan Cultural Economics
Shasha Li Prof. Michael Wycherley Macroeconomics -Growth and Inequality
Bruno Morando Prof. Tara Mitchell

Development Economics - Agricultural markets and Information and Communication Technologies.

Anuj Pratap Singh Prof. Michael King Development Economics- Microinsurance: Innovative Dimension of Financial Inclusion in Developing Countries.
Van Thi Hai Le Prof. Carol Newman Development Economics -Investment promotion and policy
Yannick Timmer Prof.Paul Scanlon International Macroeconomics -The Global Financial System
Elisa Maria Tirindelli Prof.Ronan Lyons

Economic History - Historical Urban Development

Gaspare Tortorici Prof. Gaia Narciso Economic History and Migrations
Dora Tuda Prof. Michael Wycherley Labour markets and inequality
Gayane Vardanyan Prof. Gaia Narciso Development Economics- The Age of Mass Migration and the Impacts of Migration
Benoit Voudon Prof. Francis O'Toole Industrial Organization - Vertical Relations
Alan Walsh Prof. John O'Hagan

Cultural Economics - The impact on productivity from the migration and clustering of creative workers.