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Current PhD Students

Name Supervisor Research Area
Simone Arrigoni Prof. Agustín Bénétrix and Prof. Davide Romelli

International Macroeconomics – Essays in International Macroeconomics and Inequality

Angelos Athanasopoulos Prof. Davide Romelli

Monetary economics-Central bank institutional design and communications, macro-finance and the role of credit in the business cycle, and economic history

Paul Blanchard Prof. Martina Kirchberger Development Economics - Migration, Poverty and Climate Change
Laura Muñoz Blanco Prof. Nicola Mastrorocco

Applied Microeconomics- Essays on the consequences of internal displacement on gender, health and social participation

Shane Byrne Prof. Michael King Development Economics - Consumer protection/Behavioural household finance
Stephen Byrne Prof. Agustín Bénétrix

International Macroeconomics – Globalisation and Inflation

Enrico Cavallotti Prof. Gaia Narciso and Prof. Nicola Mastrorocco Political Economy - Essays in Political Economy: Perceptions and the Role of Media
Simone Cima Prof. Joseph Kopecky Macroeconomics - Demographics and inequalities
Stefano Ceolotto Prof. Eleanor Denny

Energy Economics - The influence of moral licensing and magnitude effect on pro-environmental behaviours

Giorgia Conte Prof. Joseph Kopecky Quantitative Macroeconomics/Family Economics - Macroeconomic policy and demographics
Naomi Crowther Prof. Carol Newman Essays in Applied Microeconomics and Development – Post-Conflict Land Restitution and Reintegration, and Gender
Beren Demirölmez Prof. Agustín Bénétrix

International Macroeconomics and Capital Flows  – The role of currency exposures on net foreign asset dynamics. Does currency exacerbate or reduce the negative effects of exchange rate shocks?

Alexis De Saint-Lager Prof. Joseph Kopecky

Rethinking the Role of Discretionary Fiscal Policy as a Macroeconomic Stabilization Tool: Lessons from Japan

Juan Duran Prof. Martina Kirchberger

Urban economics - Determinants and effects of spatial income segregation in developing economies

Lorenz Emter Prof. Agustín Bénétrix

International Macroeconomics – International financial linkages and cross-border banking

Aleksandr Firanchuk Prof. Paul Scanlon

International Macroeconomics - Exchange rates and international trade

Federico Fabio Frattini Prof. Nicola Mastrorocco Applied Microeconometrics - Political and Public Economics 
Eugenia Maria Frezza Prof Alejandra Ramos/Prof Selim Gulesci Development/Gender Economics - Gender Norms, Intimate-Partner Violence and Education. 

Alexis Gaona Prof. Marvin Suesse

Economic History - Long-run development of Latin America

Maximilian Günnewig-Mönert Prof. Ronan Lyons Urban economics, Real Estate Economics, Economic History - Currently working on: the long run effects of public housing on racial residential segregation
Jan-Luca Hennig Prof. Fadi Hassan International Macroeconomics - Inequality, institutions and policy
George Jabob Prof Alejandra Ramos

Development Economics/Family Economics - Essays in Development Economics

Anu Puthenmadathil Jose Prof. Michael King

Development Economics - Models in Intrahousehold Decision Making.

Purnima Kanther Prof. Michael King

Economic development - Financial Inclusion and Building Financial Capabilities

Mischa Kleis Prof. Gaia Narciso Applied Microeconometrics - Family, labour and health
Carl Friedrich Kreuser Prof. Carol Newman

Microeconomics and applied Microeconometrics - Worker Embodied Technological Spillovers

Hamad Sikandar Mahar Prof. Andrea Guariso Development Economics - Basic Incomes and Poverty. 
Asithandile Mbelu Prof. Davide Romelli

International Macroeconomics- Macro-Financial linkages.

Barra Mc Carty Prof Ronan Lyons  
Féidhlim McGowan Prof. Eleanor Denny Essays in Behavioural Economics - Representation and Weighting of Numerical Information
Michael McRae Prof. Tara Mitchell/Prof. Carol Newman Development, Politics and Media
Bruno Morando Prof. Tara Mitchell

Development Economics - Agricultural markets and Information and Communication Technologies.

Andre Sanchez Pacheco Prof. Agustín Bénétrix International Macroeconomics - Capital flows, sudden stops and exchange rates
Conor Parle Prof. Davide Romelli  
Matteo Pograxha Prof. Davide Romelli Essays in Media Economics
Jonathan Rice Prof. Agustín Bénétrix International Macroeconomics- Global Financial Integration
Louisa Marie Roos Prof. Gaia Narciso Applied Microeconomics - Feminist and Labour Economics
Vincent Thorne Prof. Tara Mitchell Urban economics - Transport and Environmental Issues
Elisa Maria Tirindelli Prof. Ronan Lyons

Urban Economic - Historical Urban Development

Roland Umanan Prof. Michael King Development Economics - Essays in Behavioural and Development Economics
Danish Us-Salam Prof. Andrea Guariso Development Economics - Essays in Development Economics
Elijah Kipchumba Prof. Selim Gulesci Gender and Intrahousehold Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa
Flavia Pellegrini Prof. Gaia Narciso Development Economics - Migration, Social Protection and Climate Change 
Francesco Barilari Prof. Nicola Fontana Political economy, applied microeconomics and economic history. Currently working on: changes in political polarization in the US, in the aftermath of a politically salient and divisive phenomenon: mass shooting event
Hannah Ortega McCormack Prof. Francis O'Toole Applied Microeconometrics - Political and Public Economics
Nouf Abushehab Prof. Michael King Essarys in Development Economics
Bhavya Shrivastava Prof. Michael King Financial inclusion, women empowerment, and social protection
Iris Wohnsiedler Prof. Marvin Suesse

International Economics and Labour Markets:Collective Action and the Labour Movement - Essays in Economic History