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Undergraduate Programmes

Economics in Trinity College Dublin offers a number of degree possibilities. It can be taken with one of a variety of other subjects or it can be taken on its own. The subject range can accommodate the mathematically-inclined student, students interested in finance or accountancy, students wishing to pursue a career in business or those with an interest in policy studies or in European issues.

Joint Honours Economics

Allows students to study two subjects to degree level with advanced specialisation in one or both subjects depending on their course choices. The Joint Honours programme offers a choice of seven subjects which complement the study of economics including geography, history, mathematics, philosophy, sociology and modern languages (German and Spanish).

"Studying Economics via the Joint Honours route augmented my learning experience by learning to look at and analyze the world around me from two different perspectives, using different skillsets and methodologies." -- Economics and Psychology Graduate

Joint Honours Economics

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Brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the social and human world, developing skills relevant to a wide range of future careers and activities. There is a gradual specialisation over the course of the degree with students ultimately having the option to study just economics or to combine with the study of philosophy, political science or sociology.

"I found the initial broad subject range extremely useful as it meant I could gain an overview of the social sciences and obtain experience in various different fields before specialising in the later years." -- PPES Graduate

Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology

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Provides a broad introduction to the social sciences and business, combined with the opportunity to specialise solely in economics or to jointly study with business, political science or sociology. It is a uniquely flexible programme where, after a common first year, students can adjust their course options to reflect their academic strengths, interests and emerging career aspirations.

"As is the case with many students I was by no means certain which direction I wished to follow when I filled out my CAO form but by choosing BESS I ensured that my options were left open as the course splits into 10 different degree options." -- BESS Graduate

Business, Economics and Social Studies

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